From The Publisher: Fall 2019

Fall is always a busy time for us at Sleep Retailer. We’re not only putting together this issue of the magazine, but reflecting upon the trends that have stood out this year—and preparing for the new year ahead. Before we all fully switch our focus to 2020, we first wanted to take a moment to unpack some of the ways in which the industry has continued to evolve in 2019.

The Philosophy Of Sleep Sales Is Shifting

Something we’ve loved seeing more and more of is how manufacturers and retailers are reframing the conversation around sleep to focus on value propositions around health benefits, rather than discounts or add-ons. As science continues to uncover how much sleep impacts overall health, the sales discussions around mattresses and sleep accessories are being driven by considerations of health and wellbeing.

Accessories Are Meaningful—And, Dare I Say, Essential

This year has seen so many unique accessory introductions. With the emerging trend of weighted blankets, the growth of the adjustable base category as well as cooling pads and pillows, accessories have become so much more than add-ons or afterthoughts. In fact, 2019’s introductions have shown just how fundamental to quality sleep accessories can be.

Curated Selections With Clear & Specific Value Are King

Clarity and brevity were a key focus of 2019. Tired of an overly complicated shopping experience, today’s consumers are looking for curated selections with clear cut product features and benefits. While ecommerce can deliver a certain level of convenience, it also offers too vast a selection for many consumers, which gives the traditional brick-and-mortar retailer a distinct advantage. By visiting your store, the consumer is putting their trust in you—the RSA, owner or buyer—to help them streamline the shopping process.

Conscientiousness Is Trending (And We Hope It Never Goes Out Of Style)

Consumers are waking up to the importance of sustainability and have a growing desire to generally do good in the world. As such, they are striving to spend their money wisely and with brands whose values align with their own. From partnerships that provide beds to the homeless to the creation of cleaner, safer and more environmentally-friendly items, manufacturers and retailers are meeting the growing demand for products and initiatives that consumers can feel good about.

While this is not at all an exhaustive list of the shifts we’ve seen in the industry this year, these are some of our favorites. Thanks again for reading.