From The Publisher: Fall 2018

This new issue comes on the heels of a very lively summer. From the rise in popularity of adjustable bases to increased efforts to help connect retailers with consumers, we saw a number of exciting trends at the Las Vegas Market - and we expected to see many of them continue into fall. As we’ve put together this issue, we noticed some consistent themes along with a renewed sense of quality and attention-to-detail.

One company that embodies this best is Posh+Lavish. In our cover story, we took a look at Posh+Lavish’s exclusively brick-and-mortar retail focus and explored how the brand developed its unique strategy in today’s changing bedding and mattress market. Keeping with one of our favorite trends, Posh+Lavish is also intent on doing the right thing for both its partners and those in need. Philanthropy is front and center of this luxury brand’s business model, with a percentage of every sale going to support the non-profit CURE International in its quest to fund children’s health needs.

Additionally, we dug deeper into the growing popularity of the adjustable base category. Our Product Focus feature highlights the wealth of options on the market and makes the case for how retailers can benefit from selling them. From putting a bed base with every mattress on the floor to emphasizing the adjustable base as a solution to a myriad of health concerns, the brands we spoke with offered actionable advice for retailers looking to boost sales with adjustable bases.

In the way of new innovation, our Q&A feature explores the world of retail software. Representatives from brands like PERQ Marketing, PROFITsystems by HighJump and STORIS address how retailers can streamline their operations with advanced software, systems and tools that manage marketing, inventory, sales and shipping.

While fall has historically seen more accessory introductions than mattress ones, we’ve noticed a surprising abundance of mattress news this year. With a revived dedication to aesthetics, styling and enhanced quality of both product and presentation, an emerging theme this fall is an added investment in each line-up. Brands like Kingsdown and Shifman are spotlighting new distinctive styling updates, while many others are bringing re-energized mattress offerings. We are eager to see how this particular theme unfolds onsite in High Point.

Between holdover trends and inventive styling, this fall marks a healthier and perhaps less frazzled moment for the mattress industry. Change remains in the air, but manufacturers and retailers alike are finding fascinating ways to bring consumers through the door and increase margins.