From The Publisher: Fall 2017

Innovation has never been in short supply in the bedding industry. From new advanced support systems to high-tech cooling materials, manufacturers are continuously working to develop better solutions for every sleep need. But consumers do not base their purchasing decisions on the merits and features of the product alone. While quality and comfort will always be important, there are many other forces that influence a sale. Throughout this issue of Sleep Retailer, we’re shedding light on all of the different factors that contribute to retail success: from branding and marketing to product distribution and differentiation.

Mattress branding takes center stage in this issue, as our cover story takes a closer look at Wright Global Graphics. For more than 50 years, the company has helped mattress makers differentiate their collections through eye-catching identification products and dynamic in-store marketing programs. Built upon the promise of exceptional products and service, Wright Global Graphics does more than just enhance the look of a mattress line-up. The company works closely with its clients to develop powerful aesthetic components that actively engage with consumers. With a host of innovative fabric technologies and printing techniques in their arsenal, Wright Global Graphics holds the key to transforming a quality mattress collection into a profit boosting retail success.

But even the best branding program can fall short if the product doesn’t live up to its promises. For this issue’s Product Focus feature, we’ve highlighted a number of high-end mattress collections that bring together upscale styling and first-rate construction. With elegant aesthetics and artisanal detailing, these collections don’t simply evoke a luxury feel; they effectively convey the expert craftsmanship and materials that are built into each model. By grounding the styling in the company’s own heritage and tradition, these collections are designed to tell a clear story that resonates with a discerning consumer.

While thoughtful branding and product differentiation can have a major impact on the retail floor, there are a number of behind-the-scenes factors that influence sales as well. For our Q&A feature, we asked four different bedding manufacturers to explain the various strategies, initiatives and programs they have in place to help retailers protect their margins. More than just offering our readers insight on what it’s like to work with these companies, we hope this Q&A will help establish a new standard for the type of support retailers should expect from their manufacturing partners.

Of course, no issue of Sleep Retailer would be complete without an update on all of the latest sleep products and mattress collections hitting retail floors this season. From Kingsdown’s affordably-priced Prime Collection to PureCare’s suite of Celliant-based accessories and Therapedic’s newly refreshed Tommy Bahama line-up, today’s retailers have a wide range of innovative offerings to choose from when stocking their showrooms.

As we start to prepare for another busy winter market, we’re glad to have the chance this fall to take a step back and focus on the bigger picture. It’s an exciting time for the bedding retail industry and we’re proud to play a small part in its continued success.