Frankie Jackson Retires from Altizer & Co. Decorative Textiles

Frankie Jackson, longtime office manager for textile company Altizer & Co. Decorative Textiles, has retired from the company after more than 32 years.

Jackson, who has been with Altizer & Co. since 1983, said she looks forward to spending more time with family and friends. “While I’m excited about this next chapter in my life,” Jackson said, “I will truly miss walking through the Altizer & Co. doors every morning.”

“Frankie’s long term dedication to the Altizer & Co. family is a rare occurrence in our industry today,” explained Todd Nifong, President of Altizer & Co. “It truly exemplifies her commitment to our wonderful customers that she has spent years working with by keeping up with their kids’ various sporting events, dance recitals, sickness and most on through college, marriage, and families of their own. Frankie will be missed by many in our industry, I feel immensely blessed to have had the opportunity to be a part of her wonderful years at Altizer & Co.”

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