Fine Cotton Factory Targets Growing Juvenile Market

Fine Cotton Factory has unveiled its Fine Nursery Collection, a grouping of mattress ticking patterns that evoke the love a mother has for her child. The collection, developed for sleep product manufacturers looking to differentiate themselves in the popular juvenile category, was well received at the 2016 ISPA Expo in Orlando, FL. For more than six years, the company and its design team have been providing the industry coverings that step outside of the boundaries of traditional stripes, floral patterns, and geometrical shapes that tend to dominate the mattress category.

Season 1, Fine Nursery 1[6]Artistry used in the nursery line was drawn specifically with mother and child in mind. The collection features five different whimsical patterns, four of which target the special bond between mothers and their babies. The lone animal design, a bunny sitting in a crescent moon surrounded by hanging stars, is reminiscent of drawings in children’s picture books. The Season 1, Fine Nursery 2B[5]other four patterns illustrate the strength of the mother-and-child relationship through intermingling patterns drawn in soft, updated color palettes. One example showcases two hearts – a larger one enveloping a smaller one – symbolic of a mother’s love for and protection of her little one. Another features a script-like design that shows a large loop connected to a smaller loop as if walking hand in hand. Each design is classically drawn to exude elegance and peace.

The Fine Nursery Collection is just one of several updated ticking collections Fine Cotton Factory has unveiled. Currently, the company is offering the Fine Sensual Collection, geared toward a more mature audience, and the Fine Sporty Collection, which was created for the workout/metro/millennial market. The company plans to release more designs throughout the year.

“This new collection of animated designs is a tribute to not only all the things we have come to accept as common through exposures, but a strategic move that meets one of the fastest growing segments in the sleep products industry,” said Fine Cotton Factory Director of Special Projects Skip Kann. “All the universe’s beauty, and everything in it, is captured and embraced in the Fine Collection. We believe it offers a touch of whimsy through unique visual concepts of nouns and verbs, people and places, and events which have ascribed epic proportions.”

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About Fine Cotton Factory: Headquartered in Toronto, Fine Cotton Factory is a leading textile manufacturer founded in 1997 by Harish Patel and his nephew Biren Patel. The company produces numerous fabrics ranging from jersey and mini-jacquards to eco-friendly knits serving leading brands and manufacturers in Canada and the U.S.