Feature from the Editors: Cutting Edge Temperature Regulation

As research has proven that temperature plays an important part in achieving quality sleep, many bedding companies have introduced a wide range of cooling techniques and technologies. While “cooling” has been an industry buzzword for quite some time, more and more manufacturers are expanding into “temperature regulation” with a variety of different materials that work to keep a warm sleeper cool and a cool sleeper warm. For retailers, these new features serve as another important selling point for consumers looking for more personalized comfort options.

Whether in the form of innovative bedding accessories, unique foam formulations or technologically advanced cover fabrics, the products we’ve highlighted here offer a superior level of temperature control that is sure to resonate with customers.


FXI TRFThe Temperature Regulation Factor system is a unique program from FXI that is used to differentiate and communicate the benefits and performance level of the company’s various foam formulations. FXI offers a wide variety of specific foam products at all three performance levels. The MemGel Swirl foam, a TRF 2.0, is made from an open cell visco foam formulation and features gel-infused waves to enhance airflow and maintain good temperature management. Products at the TRF 3.0 level add heat dissipation properties to the open-cell airflow. Gel-Trix foam, for example, features a high concentration of engineered gel in targeted regions to rapidly transfer heat away from the body. At the top TRF 4.0 category, high performance foams like the Aerus MAX are made with the most extreme open-cell formulation, offering the highest level of airflow available on the market, in addition to the added benefits of both heat and moisture dissipation, for a superior level of temperature regulation.


Therapedic_EcoGEL2_1Over the years, Therapedic has continually enhanced its mattress portfolio to include a variety of different temperature management technologies. The successful EcoGel2 collection is a unique gel-on-gel line, fusing its exclusive hourglass-shaped layer of gel atop gel-swirled memory foam. This design allows the mattress to sleep 30% cooler than any other foam bed on the market. Therapedic’s new AgilityAir collection builds upon traditional gel technologies by combining pocketed mini-coils with a convoluted reticulated foam support layer. This combination further boosts airflow throughout the entire mattress to better regulate the sleep temperature throughout the night.


Glideaway_Blue Chill PillowThe Sleepharmony memory foam pillow collection from Glideaway Sleep Products features a variety of materials that offer both cooling benefits and luxurious comfort. Made from an advanced memory foam core and a fiber-filled outer chamber, the Embrace pillow is treated with Regulate and Silver to maintain an optimum sleeping temperature while also fighting odor causing bacteria. The CG Sleep pillow is unique two-sided pillow made from two core components, charcoal and gel. One side features a luxurious premium fiber fill, while the other is made with charcoal and gel-infused memory foam clusters for advanced cooling comfort.


Malouf_Five5idedMalouf’s diverse line-up of bedding accessories offers retailers a wide range of temperature regulating features. The Contour Gel Dough + Z-Gel pillow features a contour design topped with a layer of Liquid Z-Gel to create an ergonomic sleep surface that captures and dissipates body heat. Malouf has also incorporated three unique technologies to create one of the most advanced mattress protectors on the market, the Five 5ided Omniphase Mattress Protector. By combining Tencel, Omniphase and H2Pro Membrane materials, it offers moisture-wicking and temperature regulating benefits in addition to being 100% liquid proof.


PureCare_FrioPureCare’s PureCare FRíO collection is the company’s latest introduction of mattress and pillow protectors. Combining lightweight OmniGuard Advance fabric with Rapid Chill Cooling Fibers, this line-up was created specifically for people who are looking for year-round cooling. The Rapid Chill Cooling Fibers are Micarex-based, a crushed mineral-infused textile that moves heat away from the body. By utilizing nano-technology, nylon and mica minerals, this material disperses body heat five times faster than regular polyester.


Restonic TG2At the Summer Las Vegas Market, Restonic unveiled TG2, the second generation of the innovative TempaGel mattress collection. By situating new and improved tempadvantage phase change materials within gel-infused memory foam closer to the sleep surface, this bed proactively regulates temperature to eliminate variances and reduce fluctuations throughout the night. The TG2 collection also utilizes advanced Outlast materials to deliver edge-to-edge temperature-neutral comfort. The contoured trucomfort core and ventilated Airflow Edge support encourages superior air circulation to further enhance this collection’s temperature-regulating properties.

Visit fxi.com, therapedic.com, glideaway.com, maloufsleep.com, purecare.com and restonic.com.