Ergomotion Invests In 24/7 Customer Service

As sleep technology provider Ergomotion increases its retail footprint across the United States and expands its business internationally, the company recently boosted its customer service team by one-third and moved to a 24/7 call center operation.

Consumers and retailers can now reach a trained Ergomotion customer service professional at any hour, with the call center team being increased to 23 people.

“Over the last five years, Ergomotion has placed customer service at the forefront of the values provided by our brand, but in an industry where customer satisfaction directly impacts customer loyalty and profitability, a 24/7 support line is simply smart business,” said Johnny Griggs, chief operating officer of Ergomotion. “Customer service is becoming a key driver of value generation and differentiation in an overcrowded marketplace, and that ultimately benefits the bottom line.”

Before the change, customer service representatives were available from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Pacific time, Monday through Friday, and 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday. Griggs said many consumers are at work during those times and issues couldn’t always be resolved because callers usually need to be at home. Plus, the 24/7 model is more convenient for delivery and set-up teams who may experience issues while they are in the consumer’s home.

“If a customer needs help with our product, providing them with a solution that allows them to have their issues resolved any day and at any time goes a long way to show our customers that customer service is a main priority for Ergomotion,” said Griggs. “Consumers are demanding more from customer service, and meeting their expectations requires an organization-wide understanding and commitment, not simply an isolated department upgrade.”

He said retailers will benefit from the expanded service because it improves customer loyalty and repeat business, attracts new customers by improving the retailer’s reputation, adds value to a higher-priced product, and sets Ergomotion apart from others in the marketplace.

In addition to giving consumers complete flexibility with their busy schedules, it also creates higher satisfaction levels, re-establishes faith in the product, and creates a higher level of trust in the brand, said Griggs.


About Ergomotion: Santa Barbara, California-based Ergomotion is a leading global sleep technology company that delivers design savvy adjustable bases to the marketplace. Founded in 2005 on the central coast of California by Alain Clénet on the premise that luxury sleep is achieved through style and substance, the company incorporates technology where it makes sense. Ergomotion’s adjustable bases are designed to accommodate the industry’s leading mattresses and to seamlessly integrate with existing bed frames and beds. With more than 1 million adjustable bases sold throughout more than 30 countries, Ergomotion is part of the Keeson Technology Corp. family based in Jiaxing City, China.