Eclipse of China holds 11th Annual Training & Corporate Development Event

Over 150 retail sales associates, managers, and corporate members participated in Eclipse of China's 5-day annual traning and corporate development event program. The purpose of the event was to develop sales and management skills, improve product knowledge, and participate in brand development activities. The event was headed by Eclipse of China’s president, Mr. David Chen.

The theme of this year’s event, “Taking Eclipse to Higher Levels”, centered on Eclipse of China’s new premium mattress line. Sales managers and retail sales associates learned about the new line up, the benefits they provide, and the latest techniques in selling a premium quality mattress. In addition, several of the activities focused on developing new ways of gaining market share in the very competitive premium segment of the bedding market in China. Featuring the Teana mattress (see attached photo) the new line is now being launched in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Tianjin, Quingdao, Shenyan, Shenzhen, and Guangzhou.

During the event, several awards were given out. Mr. Xie Weiming was awarded the “Best in Sales” award. Ms. Pang Yaofei was awarded the “Best Image” award. Mr. He Qiusheng and Mr. Wang Haoyong were both awarded the “Best Energy” award. In addition, Ms. Liu Bing (manager of Eclipse of the Shenyang Region) and Ms. Tang Jie (manager of Eclipse of the Shanghai Region) were acknowledged for the contributions and performance.

Mr. Chen noted, “This year’s event was a complete success” and that he has targeted a 25% growth in sales by this time next year.

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About Eclipse International: Eclipse is a bedding manufacturing cooperative, using manufacturing and marketing expertise to develop scientifically advanced bedding systems. Eclipse crafted the clinically proven and patented Spinal Zone, Spinal Zone 2, Lumbar Zone, Allergy Free, LifEdge perimeter support systems and Zoned Quilt Technology. In May 2000, Mattress Development Company, acquired Eclipse and all intellectual properties and began licensing it around the world. The mission of Eclipse is to provide ongoing research, product development, patented design and marketing innovation to develop unparalleled sleep products for healthy sleep. Mattress Development Company is owned by Stuart Carlitz.