Eastman House Expands Global Presence With 6 Middle Eastern Licensees

Further expanding its international reach, mattress brand Eastman House recently signed a licensing agreement with Dubai-based Three Stars Foam. Under terms of the agreement, Three Stars has the rights to produce, market and distribute Eastman House mattresses in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Founded in 1987, the new licensee operates a 150,000-square-foot factory in Dubai, the largest city in UAE and produces mattresses under the Sleep Fine name that are sold throughout the Middle East. The company also makes high-end contemporary case goods and upholstery for office and commercial use, as well as for upscale homes.

“We see tremendous opportunity for our rich product line in the Middle East. The Eastman House brand represents the best of American designed products, something which is so sought after in that part of the world,” said Stuart Carlitz, CEO of Eastman House. “Three Stars has a long-standing market presence, clear strategic plans, a great marketing team and a state-of-the-art factory. They are the ideal partner for us in this region.”

Emad Hamdi, general manager of Three Stars, said the new agreement gives his company the opportunity to grow its business in both the residential and hospitality segments. He said it also will allow Three Stars to show the brand at Expo Dubai 2020, the world’s largest business expo, which runs from July 2020 to April 2021 and is expected to draw business leaders, investors and tourists from around the globe.

“While we are successful with our Sleep Fine line of mattresses, American brands are highly desirable in the Middle East, and Eastman House is the best option for us to expand our market reach at retail,” said Hamdi. “There is no doubt that it will create a great opportunity for us in the hospitality segment.”

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About Eastman House: Based in North Brunswick, N.J., Eastman House was founded in 1866 and is the oldest, continuous mattress manufacturer in the U.S. Known for its design innovation in creating advanced sleep products, the company has an extensive global licensing network that distributes mattresses under five brands – Eclipse, Eastman House, Van Vorst, Ernest Hemingway and BIA. A well-established leader in the bedding industry, the company designs products crafted with high quality components, including latex, memory foam, gel and eco-friendly materials. The company holds a number of patents that deliver superb support throughout the product line. Today, the company has 65 licensees, 17 domestic and 48 overseas servicing 65 countries or provinces.