DreamFit Helps Specialty Sleep Retailers Add Value to Mattress Sales

Professional selling system supports retail sales associates

At the upcoming Summer Las Vegas Market, U.S. based manufacturer of DreamFit branded top-of-bed products HomTex will demonstrate its unique method of retail sales training. Four information kiosk-stations in the showroom feature communication tools for selling the DreamFit “complete system of sleep,” according to Cindy Williams, VP of Marketing. Also launching at the summer trade show, the sales associate training program will be accessible to retail partners online, at dreamfit.com.

“The training investment has a big payoff for dealers, sales associates and consumers,” says Williams. “We improve lives by improving sleep.”

“When the retail guest is guided to select pillows, sheets and mattress pads designed to meet specific needs and to complement advancements in today’s mattresses, everybody wins,” says Bob Pearce, VP of Sales, HomTex. “The wrong pillow on a great mattress may be a problem, but it’s always the mattress that’s blamed. Sales associates can create a winning scenario by using our systematic approach.”

“We know that around 70 percent of consumers will purchase new sheets within a week of a new mattress purchase,” adds Pearce. “Ideally, retail associates redirect customers to make top-of-bed selections before they leave the store. Offering solutions to the guest’s sleep problems is good for business, and it’s good for the new mattress owner.”

Pearce refers to DreamFit’s innovative sheets, pillows, mattress pads and new duvet covers as “comfort essentials,” the layering components needed to properly outfit a bed. With a host of patents pending, HomTex innovations are based in the materials used, unique construction features or product design specifications, such as split sheets for mobile mattresses.

The order for presenting bedding products to retail guests is important, says Pearce, starting with the selection of the pillow, which takes into account the shopper’s sleeping styles and preferred sleep positions.

“Our aim is to honor our retail partners with higher ticket sales and more profit opportunities,” says Pearce. “It’s more than the add-on sale; it’s about adding to the experience that creates customer loyalty for stores.”

For more information, please visit dreamfit.com and homtex.com.

About HomTex: HomTex CEO and founder, Jerry Wootten, started the company in the ‘90s on a quest to solve the problem of ill-fitting sheets for an evolving mattress category. His focus on innovation grew to include technical solutions for common sleep issues related to temperature control, moisture wicking and sleeping position, among others. His strategy includes aligning with fiber, yarn and components suppliers to invent production techniques and to create new designs. Under his direction, HomTex, Inc. has grown to become a formidable competitor in the white goods space, with 15 patents pending. The company is a supplier to mass retailers and department stores as well as to specialty sleep retailers, home furnishings dealers and e-commerce sites. HomTex markets its quality top-of-bed products under the brand names Suprelle, Dream Essence by FitRite, Revive and DreamFit. Its trade showrooms are located in New York and Las Vegas.