Dow Polyurethanes Highlight Solutions for Mattress and Pillow Industry at ISPA Expo

Sleep is a science, and the diverse capabilities of polyurethane chemistry provide multiple benefits to create sleep products that deliver a better, more restful sleep. Dow Polyurethanes will showcase its latest comfort science technologies such as high-airflow, moisture-wicking, cool gels, foams and washables at ISPA Expo in Orlando, Florida from March 9-12.

While many factors go into a restful night’s sleep – soft sheets, a dark room – one of the most important is body temperature, which needs to drop about two degrees. Dow’s latest advancements include two products that enable pillows and mattresses to control body temperature. To deliver the optimum "cool sleep" effect, Dow has developed foam with higher airflow and moisture wicking capabilities, keeping pillows and mattresses cool and dry.

In addition to cool and comfortable, clean is also a trending factor. For many consumers, the ability to wash their pillows is a very desirable purchasing factor. After two years, about two-thirds of a pillow’s weight is composed of dead skin cells, bugs, dust mites and their droppings. These proteins can be especially harmful for allergy sufferers who don’t realize their pillows accumulate dust and other buildup.

“The science of sleep is fascinating. We’re using our expertise to develop products to improve sleep based on human behaviors and requirements,” said Chris Chrisafides, Commercial Vice President, Dow Polyurethanes. “Heat buildup results in tossing, turning and a fitful night’s rest, but with innovative polyurethane chemistries we are delivering completely new solutions for a cool, comfortable and healthier sleep.”

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