Dos Marcos Mattress Podcast Hits 100 Episodes

The Dos Marcos mattress podcast is celebrating a major milestone as it airs its 100th episode. As part of the move into triple digits, co-hosts Mark Kinsley and Mark Quinn are welcoming their first sponsor, Nationwide Marketing Group.

“We wanted to partner with people that share our values and serve this industry. Nationwide Marketing Group works every day to help independent retailers grow and thrive. That’s our mission as well. It’s a perfect fit,” said Mark Quinn, co-founder of Spink & Co. and co-host of the Dos Marcos Podcast.

Launched in 2014, the podcast focuses on the mattress industry, sleep shops, retail, and marketing. “The podcast has become a campfire that people in the bedding business gather around to share ideas and connect to new thinking. I’m grateful for all the support as we work to bring people together and serve the industry,” said Mark Kinsley, president of Englander and co-host of the Dos Marcos Podcast.

The podcast started as an experiment, but quickly grew. “When Kinsley approached me about doing a mattress industry podcast, I thought he was crazy. 100 episodes later I am comfortable admitting he’s not completely off his rocker,” said Quinn.

As part of the partnership, Nationwide Marketing Group will distribute the podcast to more than 5,500 members representing 14,000 retail stores. The partnership, according to NMG’s Mike Whitaker, isn’t about advertising, “This isn’t about placing a commercial for the group. This is about facilitating a new platform for independent dealers to share their stories, and in doing so, share our story as well. Our sole purpose is to help these entrepreneurs thrive on their own terms. We know that many of the group provided tools and assets are now part of the story of our dealers, so we’re excited to see a wide array of Nationwide Members featured in upcoming episodes.”


 About Dos Marcos Podcast: Hosted Mark Kinsley and Mark Quinn, the Dos Marcos Podcast brings its audience information and entertainment about the mattress industry and beyond.