Dormeo Octaspring Launches Brand in 19 Cardi’s Showrooms

Dormeo Octaspring® will introduce three of its most popular mattresses at one of New England’s largest retailers, Cardi’s Furniture and Mattresses. These models will be sold in 19 stores throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts beginning in April. Cardi’s will also carry the company’s line of pillows, tufted headboards and tufted divans to be able to provide their customers the complete Octaspring sleep system for ultimate comfort and support.

Dormeo Octaspring will also be co-branding with Cardi’s in a joint advertising and television campaign that reinforces the company’s commitment to providing retailers with marketing support. In addition to running commercials on local television stations, Dormeo Octaspring’s award winning infomercial and recorded radio spots will air on Cardi’s NIROPE TV Channel 2646 on COX Cable and satellite radio station.

“Cardi’s has a strong voice in the industry, the company has been around for three generations and their commitment to their customers and to providing quality products is what drew us to them. This is our largest account in New England to date and hope to grow our presence in the area with the support of our joint advertising and television campaigns,” said Dormeo Octaspring President Chris Henning. “Partnering with Cardi’s seemed only natural as we have similar values and approaches to selling sleep products. They believe in strong advertising campaigns that support the quality and innovative products they carry in their stores and we are happy to be working with them to give consumers a great, new product.”

Cardi’s will carry Dormeo Octaspring’s the 5500, 6500, and the 8500, which all feature the company’s unique memory foam spring. The 5500 has one-layer of Octasprings and feels most closely to that of a traditional memory foam mattress – without the heat and humidity. The 6500 mattress includes two-layers of Octasprings and uses a three-zone support system, featuring soft memory foam for the head, shoulders and legs and firmer springs for the hips and sits atop a layer of medium Octasprings for cushioning support. The most popular model in the series, the 8500, is designed to be exceptionally supportive with a customized five-support zone system and three-layers of Octasprings.

“The Octaspring mattress collection is truly a one-of-a-kind product. At Cardi’s we are always looking to introduce new and innovative items to our customers,” said Michael Allen, buyer at Cardi’s. “We believe in the power of marketing and are excited to be co-branding with Dormeo. The fact that Dormeo Octaspring worked with us to create a joint advertising program is an added bonus.”

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About Dormeo Octaspring: For more than 10 years, Dormeo has been a leading mattress brand in Europe and Asia. Making its North American debut as Dormeo Octaspring in 2012, the company introduced its patented Octaspring to the U.S. market. A breakthrough in mattress technology, the Octaspring's individual memory foam springs work together to form the core of the revolutionary Octaspring mattress. With its U.S. showroom and distribution center in Plano, TX, Dormeo Octaspring is part of Studio Moderna Group, a leading European multi-channel direct marketing company. The company will be supporting its retail partners in the U.S. through a multi-million dollar television advertising program in 2013.