Don’t Miss Out On The Holiday Shopping Surge

5 Ways To Appeal To Gift Shoppers

According to a recent survey conducted by TD bank, most furniture retailers aren’t concerned about a holiday surge. Of the survey respondents, 44% reported that they don’t plan on making any changes to accommodate increased consumer demand over the holidays. We think they should.

As the winter holidays approach, mattress and bedding stores (furniture stores too) might be assuming that they don’t have many options for gift shoppers—and gift shoppers are likely assuming the same. However, by not marketing to individuals looking to find that perfect present, many retailers will miss out on a seasonal revenue bump. This time of year is a great time to experiment with stocking new giftable accessories and to highlight the items you already sell that could serve as super useful gift options.

Here are a few ways to make your store(s) more appealing to shoppers looking to buy for their friends and family members:

Evaluate Your Inventory

Think critically about what you currently offer that would be a great gift. Are there certain items you need that someone else could theoretically pick out for you? The first ones that come to our minds are sheets, pillows, weighted blankets, essential oils and special pillow cases—an adjustable base could even be a gift-friendly item depending on the person. Maybe a shopper’s parents are complaining about snoring issues—a gift conversation could also turn into an ideal opportunity to explain the value of a power base. If you’re able to get a customer to open up about their own sleep problems in addition to those of their partner or close family and friends, you’ll likely have customers leaving with a gift for themselves as well!

Consider Temporary Gift Stock

While you probably already offer high-end giftable sleep products, you might need to pad your inventory with sleep-adjacent extras at entry-level prices to appeal to a broader range of gift seekers. Things like candles, essential oils, inexpensive sleep trackers will help attract individuals seeking gifty items. By getting those customers in the door, you may have an opportunity to suggest more unexpected and big ticket gift items like an adjustable base. You might even consider some funny or scientific sleep books—capitalize on the popularity and present fascination with sleep health. We hope it’s not a passing trend, but it certainly is trending and that should benefit your business this holiday season.


It’s a great time to get in touch with shoppers who recently purchased a mattress with you or who are following your store. Dedicate an email blast to your subscriber list and reserve some real-estate on your social channels to highlighting gift-worthy products you sell. Most people don’t think about how nice it would be to receive a new pillow as a present. Or they might not know that you sell humidifiers or oil diffusers—great home products that anyone can use. Educate them about how versatile sleep products are and make sure they know that you offer budget friendly, life-improving gift options.

An example of one company that has already started marketing its giftable items is CB2. While CB2 is more of a furniture company, they’ve taken the time to curate a gift preview email that is effective and sleek.

Framing the message as an “Exclusive Preview: Gift Shop 2019” makes the recipient feel in on something—who doesn’t want to be included in something exclusive? Because CB2 hasn’t traditionally been positioned as a go-to gift shop, this email campaign feels unexpected and exciting. I imagine I am likely not the only recipient of this email who thought to themselves, “Oh, I didn’t think of gift shopping there, but they actually have some great products.”

Update Your Displays (In Store AND Online)

If you are making an active push to market giftable products in your store with emails or social media, your storefront(s) should match. Make a gift table: station the smallest gift items near the checkout counter and make it fun. Can you develop a theme? Aesthetically, gift season is a great opportunity to add interest and color to your store—especially if your space still looks like a white rectangle museum. Maybe the holidays and a holiday gift push will be the right time to consider a larger re-arrangement in your shop. The same goes for your website. If you have an ecommerce component of your business, you can easily create a separate, curated gift portion with a temporary landing page or by refreshing the homepage to highlight gifts. Continuity across platforms is key!

Don’t Be Too Pushy Or Gimmicky

While attempting to capture some of the profits of gift season is something you should definitely do, don’t expect to be everything to everyone right away. You won’t be able to sell holiday gifts to everyone who comes to your store. As such, make sure your gift approach matches the normal tone of your store and don’t push too hard. Simply ensure your customers are aware of how giftable sleep products are and which ones you have in your store locations.

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