Diane Adams to Lead Consumer Products Division for FXI

FXI has appointed Diane Adams to lead the company’s new consumer products division. Adams, who has over 30-years experience in building consumer brands, will be responsible for overseeing the development and implementation of FXI’s consumer strategy across all industry segments, including bedding and sleep products.

FXI manufacturers polyurethane foam-based solutions, healthcare foams and specialty comfort innovations, and Adams will be tasked with translating this innovation into additional consumer products. Her portfolio will also include responsibility for mattress manufacturer Anatomic Global, which became part of the FXI family last year.

“Diane is a respected industry veteran who will have a dynamic impact on our brands and drive growth across our entire suite of consumer products, including gutter filtration, cleaning and finished bedding products,” stated company President and CEO John Cowles. “Our company has always been associated with quality manufacturing, and we see this as an opportunity for growth in 2012.”

“Foam has the potential to revolutionize the consumer product market,” said Adams. “I’ve spent my entire career in sales and marketing and I understand that in order to succeed you need passion, work ethic and a commitment to research and development. I’ve found these qualities at FXI and look forward to growing the business while continuing to explore the application of foam into new arenas.”

For more information, visit: www.fxi.com.

About FXI: The company produces innovative foam products for the home, healthcare, electronics, industrial, personal care and transportation markets. From mattresses and carpet cushioning to innovations in digital printing and computer disk drives, the foam solutions provided by FXI optimize performance and increased comfort.