Dallas Mavericks Sign Up For Another Year Of Partnership With BEDGEAR

BEDGEAR, the fast-growth PERFORMANCE lifestyle brand, announces the second year of its partnership with the Dallas Mavericks.  After a successful first year as the Official Performance Sleep Partner of the Dallas Mavericks, last week BEDGEAR professionally fit each individual athlete with a personalized Performance Sleep System. Each player selected their choice of two feels of BEDGEAR’s performance mattresses, then built additional performance layers of pillows, mattress protectors and sheets based on BEDGEAR’s proprietary evaluation of each individual’s sleep position and body frame. All layers of the complete Sleep System are constructed with BEDGEAR’s patented fabric technologies for air flow and heat- and moisture-management, helping the players get optimal spinal alignment and temperature balance, all while creating maximum recovery at night.

As BEDGEAR continues to grow its product offering with the launches of the M1 and M1X mattresses, it's also grown its partnership with the Dallas Mavericks, bringing them the latest in sleep innovation. The players were fit in a temporary BEDGEAR-branded Sleep Room build-out at the Mavs Practice Facility, with owner Mark Cuban, Mavericks Head Athletic Trainer Casey Smith and Athletic Performance Director Jeremy Holsopple, leading the way with fittings in mid-November at Nebraska Furniture Mart (NFM) in Dallas at The Colony.

After experiencing the BEDGAR personalized Sleep System fitting process first-hand, Mark Cuban was eager to share the experience with the Mavs stating, “As a technology expert, I felt an immediate affinity to BEDGEAR’s approach to the sleep category and I believe that [its] emphasis on personalized fit products with the BEDGEAR Performance Sleep System can result in improved sleep for the players, which will prepare them to perform better, both on and off the court.”

Irvin Blumkin, CEO of NFM, echoed this statement with his own emphasis on the involvement of the retailer adding, “We are excited to further our focus on bringing health and wellness solutions to the Dallas community with this alliance between three great brands. At Nebraska Furniture Mart, we are the leader in experiential retail and shoppers enjoy visiting our stores for the newest and best products. Combining the introduction of BEDGEAR Performance to our sleep shops with the support of the Dallas Mavericks is a unique opportunity to provide fans with a direct touchpoint to see what it is like to be – or sleep like – a professional athlete. We look forward to bringing activations throughout the year directly to our store that builds upon how the Dallas Mavericks players sleep and perform with BEDGEAR.”

Eugene Alletto, CEO & Quarterback of BEDGEAR summed up, “Partnering with Mark Cuban and the Dallas Mavs and being a part of the Dallas community over the past year has been an amazing experience for BEDGEAR. Now with the planned expansion of our retail location at Nebraska Furniture Mart, we are excited to inspire more people about the importance of sleep -- not only for basketball players, but for everyone who aspires to achieve more throughout their daily lives. In this next phase of our partnership together, we will continue to evolve the conversation about sleep to the fact that it is an activity -- and like any activity, you can prepare better and improve your performance by getting the right products – in this case, with a personalized fit Sleep System.”

To learn more, please visit bedgear.com.

About BEDGEAR Performance: Founded in 2009, BEDGEAR is a rapidly growing lifestyle brand of performance bedding for people that want to achieve more every day. BEDGEAR has redefined the way people view sleep by offering personalized products based on sleep position and body frame. Our patented fabric technologies wick away heat and moisture to help regulate body temperature and generate a cooler, drier sleep environment to maximize recovery at night. With distribution facilities in the US and Asia, BEDGEAR is sold in national retailers in the US and Canada, as well as expanding globally. BEDGEAR currently partners with the Boston Red Sox and Dallas Mavericks alongside a history of professional athletes and sports teams, including the Denver Broncos.