Customatic Adjustable Bedz Receives Energy Star Certification

Customatic Adjustable Bedz is the first adjustable bed supplier to achieve the “Energy Star” rating. This acknowledgement reinforces the company’s commitment to the environment, as well as product innovation.

Led by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Energy Star program was created to boost the adoption of energy efficient products, practices and services through consumer education. Energy Star has acknowledged Customatic’s newly designed power supply platform as energy-efficient products that help reduce energy consumption through meeting the highest energy principles. In order to earn the label, EnergyStar products must be third-party certified based on testing in EPA-recognized laboratories as well as annual "off-the-shelf" verification testing.

“With more and more innovative technologies built into adjustable base foundations, the industry has seen the category take off and become more popular. However, with this innovation comes a stronger demand on energy consumption. We recognized that there were ways that we could design and manufacture our product to be more energy efficient without giving up the use of cutting edge technologies and we set out to do just that,” said Managing Member of Customatic Phil McCarty. “The Energy Star initiative displays to our customers our constant dedication to the retailers, the consumer and our environment.”

Through its Energy Star initiative the company will roll out new models beginning in the 4th quarter of 2014 and look to convert all of its power supply systems by late 2015. Customatic’s new Control Box system will feature an added power cord junction box, providing easy access for anyone wishing to synchronize bases (as needed in King size), reprogramming hand remotes and battery back-up replacement with hassle-free convenience.

“When given the choice, today’s consumers prefer products that save energy. Our Energy Star initiative demonstrates our commitment to our retailers by providing them with a wide variety of high quality energy efficient products,” said Customatic Adjustable Bedz Partner Phil Sherman. “Over the last several months, we made a huge investment in R&D in order to provide innovative product features and benefits without increasing energy requirements. Our new power supply control box system does just that, allowing for future feature development while focusing on energy conservation. The addition of the easy access Junction Box is a simple upgrade that offers great benefit to all.”

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About Customatic Adjustable Bedz: Customatic Adjustable Bedz is a pioneer of the sleep products industry, known for its expertise and cutting-edge innovations in adjustable bed bases, mattresses and pillows. Founded in 2010 by industry veterans Phil McCarty and Phil Sherman, today the company distributes products nationally through strong partnerships with top-name mattress manufacturers, leading department stores and major specialty sleep retailers. Customatic Adjustable Bedz is headquartered in Natick, MA, and operates in 344,000-square foot manufacturing facilities in Taiwan.