Corsicana Speeds New Product Distribution

Retailers have long recognized the value of delivering mattresses quickly to consumers, and Corsicana Mattress is now employing a similar strategy to get its newest products onto retail sales floors in a more timely fashion. The company has completed an overhaul of its operations and product development cycles so that new products are now available to dealers immediately at the time of launch.

That means no more waiting weeks to receive the first shipment of a new product – a common industry practice – and no more guessing what the final version of the marketing support materials will look like.

“Our new product launch focus offers a significant competitive advantage to our dealers, allowing them to react more quickly to changes in their marketplace,” said Michael Thompson, chief executive officer of Corsicana Mattress. “Not only are the new products ready to ship immediately, we also have all the advertising and promotional materials, point-of-purchased displays and web support ready to go.”

The quick-ship strategy applies to all four of Corsicana’s national brands – American Bedding, Early Bird, Renue and Sleep Inc.

“All the excitement and momentum that we generate at a market is lost if our retailers have to wait weeks or often months to get new floor samples,” said Thompson. “We want them to be able to sell our newest products right after they see them, and we’re confident that our research-driven product development team will design the right products at the right price for them.”

The effectiveness of the new strategy was highlighted by a successful Presidents Day promotion for its American Bedding brand. Dealers who signed up for the event during the Las Vegas Market received floor samples well before the holiday weekend. Today, more than 1,000 retailers are posting brisk business with the promotionally priced line.

Many Corsicana collections also offer retailers a turn-key e-commerce component, allowing them to stock a boxed bedding product for in-store pickup or home delivery.


About Corsicana: Founded in 1971 in Corsicana, Texas, Corsicana Mattress now operates 10 factories across the country and has become one of the mattress industry’s largest manufacturers. The company offers a full range of promotional and step-up products that feature the latest in sleep technology, including innerspring, memory foam and hybrid models. The company also has a mattress-in-a-box line that simplifies delivery. Corsicana leverages its national manufacturing presence to provide industry-leading quality, value, delivery and customer service. Its mission is to provide hard-working Americans with innovative and affordable sleep products that improve their quality of life.