Consumers Looking for a Good Night’s Sleep this Valentine’s Day

protect-a-bedThose stressing about last-minute Valentine's Day gifts this week can rest easy, because a survey administered by Protect-a-Bed found that 50 percent of Americans think a good night's sleep would be the best Valentine's Day gift this year.

Protect-A-Bed surveyed more than 390 individuals through Facebook to determine what Americans prefer on the most romantic day of the year: sleep or love?

Here's what Protect-A-Bed discovered:

−This year, 50 percent of Americans would prefer a good night’s sleep over a romantic gesture or finding the love of their life on Valentine’s Day.

−Looking long-term, 64 percent of respondents care more about getting eight or more hours of sleep every night for the rest of their lives than finding a lifetime partner.

−Most respondents (68 percent) report not getting enough sleep every night.

While those sleep figures may be startling (nearly three in four respondents report lack of sleep) there is some good news. Those last-minute shoppers can take a breather, because the perfect Valentine's Day gift could be as simple as picking up a few extra chores to ensure their loved one gets some quality shut eye.

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