Consumer Research Shows Spring Air Ahead in Consumer Recognition

The Spring Air brand is recognized by more female consumers on an aided basis than many other licensed mattress brands, according to an independent online survey of 1,500 U.S. women conducted recently by Schlesinger Associates, a New York-based global research firm.

The survey, which captured responses from women 35 to 65 with household incomes of $50,000+, “set aside” the industry’s traditional “S” brands (Serta, Simmons and Sealy) and focused instead on several licensed brands with which Spring Air more closely competes.

“More than half of the respondents (52 percent) said Spring Air was a mattress name they recognized, while other brands in the study had recognition rates of from only 10 to 17 percent,” noted company president Rick Robinson.

“Our consumer recognition level means that retail salespeople can expect one out of every two shoppers to know the Spring Air name when they see or hear it,” he said, “and that higher close rates are far more likely when selling Spring Air products than other licensed mattress brands.”

Robinson also pointed to findings from the survey reinforcing that when quality and cost are seen as equal, the vast majority of women (95 percent in the survey) prefer to purchase a mattress with a name they recognize.

Most of the women in the study also indicated they would spend more to purchase a familiar mattress brand. As many as 70 percent said they would spend from 5 to15 percent more, while 64 percent claimed they would spend 10 to 20 percent more.

“While in recent years many U.S. mattress retailers have become brands in and of themselves, the survey supported the longstanding belief that when it comes to purchasing blind products—especially bigger ticket products—consumers nearly always gravitate to brands they know and will often pay more to feel confident about their purchase,” Robinson said.

A final study question assessed how much value the women placed on the mattress brand satisfaction surveys that are conducted and published by Consumer Reports magazine every three to four years.

When compared with other potential influencers on the mattress shopping process, such as endorsements from celebrities, 99 percent of the respondents said a mattress study done by Consumer Reports would be more important to them when looking for a new mattress.

Consumer Reports magazine published the results of its last mattress brand satisfaction survey in August, 2012. That survey, which involved 12,557 responses from the book’s consumer subscribers, indicated that Spring Air’s consumer satisfaction ranking had moved up from the No. 10 position reported in 2009, to the No. 7 position reported last year.

At the time, Robinson said he believed the 2012 report said “as much about today’s Spring Air brand and products as it does about the consumer awareness and recognition that our name continues to hold.”

In light of the more recent independent online survey that Spring Air sponsored, Robinson added that “I’m more convinced than ever of the superior recognition level and staying power of our name versus certain other licensed bedding brands.”

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About Spring Air: Under the brand statement “Trusted by millions since 1926,” the Spring Air organization includes 13 manufacturing facilities across North America and operates in 33 other countries around the globe. The company helps retailers drive business while growing and leveraging the reputation for trust and integrity inspired by its 87-year-old name.