Comfort Solutions Returns to Using King Koil Name Worldwide

After a decade of operating publicly in the U.S. as Comfort Solutions, the company announced today it is returning to using its founding name and corporate brand King Koil® on a worldwide basis.

This important strategic step will leverage the King Koil brand’s superior equity with consumers and retailers, and unify its extensive U.S. and international licensing operations under a single identity, the company said.

“Our entire organization is extremely excited about this important change and how it will unite our licensees both here and overseas under one cohesive global brand,” noted company president and COO Dave Roberts.

“In the years since our founding in 1898, King Koil established itself as a recognized consumer brand with a rich heritage in the U.S. bedding industry. Over time we also experienced tremendous expansion, growth and success in our operations overseas, all of which are thriving today under the King Koil name.

“We’re very pleased to be returning to our roots, reviving our heritage and strategically re-positioning ourselves worldwide to leverage the value and equity inherent in that trademark,” Roberts said.

The company, which elected to operate under the more all-encompassing Comfort Solutions name in 2003, will continue its focus on innovating and marketing a range of meaningful sleep solutions and designs under the King Koil brand.

At the upcoming Las Vegas Market, King Koil’s showroom will be re-focused on the King Koil name and its modern new logo design, as well as its worldwide identity, which today comprises more than 80 countries in addition to the U.S.

The producer also has placed its extensive product lines which include iMattress2™, Natural Response®, Laura Ashley®, Perfect Contour®, The Dr. Breus® Bed and Extended Life™, all under the King Koil umbrella.

“The desire to understand what ‘healthy’ sleep really means, to facilitate the consumer’s decision process and to provide a range of sleep solutions that offer true body alignment and support, have always been part of our brand mission,” Roberts said.

“Going forward, we’re very happy to announce that King Koil will continue to pursue that important mission.”