Caber Sure Fit Expands to the States

Caber Sure Fit introduces its protection products to the US with the launch of its new DreamSerene™ and BedCare™ mattress and bedding protection products.

“Caber Sure Fit is known throughout Canada for using innovative technologies in manufacturing quality products and eye-catching point-of-sale displays, and for providing superior customer service,” said Caber Sure Fit President and CEO Bernard Weinstein. “Over the past decade, our company has become Canada’s go-to brand for furniture protection products, designed with the consumer in mind. We’re excited to begin this venture [into the United States] and seek to partner with retailers to provide their customers with quality sleep products.”

The company’s two most popular brands, DreamSerene™ and BedCare™, will be the first introduced to American retailers and consumers. The DreamSerene collection features “value and good, better, and best product categories” to address a range of consumer needs and provides participating retailers with RSA training and a resource materials package.

Offered in a variety of fabrics made from terry, bamboo, and eucalyptus, the DreamSerene brand includes a lineup of protectors and encasements for the consumer market. Caber Sure Fit will also introduce a smaller portfolio of BedCare products for the business-to-business market. Both series guard against wear and tear, allergens and bedbugs.