Blue Ocean Sleep Teams with Breckle Matrazen

Blue Ocean Sleep has partnered with Breckle Matrazen, Germany’s largest bedding manufacturer, to maximize business opportunities in Europe and the United States.  The team has an eye towards expanding into the Australian and Asian markets in late 2012.

The partners have already started to develop and introduce new global sleep products focused on the foam mattress market, combining the best of German engineering with American luxury. Blue Ocean Sleep founders Mike and Jim Malkiewicz predicted a dramatic shift in consumer preference for foam mattresses rather than spring. In addition, they foresaw a move away from traditional western assembly methods toward European foam construction and design. That prompted the Malkiewicz brothers to develop a unique core design in Europe specifically for the U.S. consumer.

“The timing for our partnership couldn’t be better. Breckle Matrazen has long been a leader in foam mattress construction within Europe. Combine that with Blue Ocean’s experience, unique designs, and the increasing demand for foam sleep systems in the United States -- it just made good business sense to confirm our partnership now,” said Blue Ocean Sleep President Jim Malkiewicz.

“We are excited about working together with Jim and Mike and the Blue Ocean Sleep team,” said President of Breckle Matrazen, Michael Breckle. “They bring a fresh perspective on American luxury to the European market. Coupled with our ability to provide the German engineering for which we are well known, this is a win-win for both companies,” added Breckle.

At the core of Blue Ocean’s business philosophy is a dedication to distinguishing themselves in a crowded marketplace by creating unique products using proven technologies.

“Blue Ocean is characterized by a different way of thinking,” said Malkiewicz. “We are moving away from what seems to be an increasingly commoditized mattress industry focused on traditional units. With Activcor, we’re setting ourselves apart, swimming in the clear waters of quality and innovation.”

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About Blue Ocean Sleep: Blue Ocean Sleep pairs American luxury design with reliable German engineering. Brothers Mike and Jim Malkiewicz founded the company in 2010, after spending more than 30 years in the bedding industry running Wickline Bedding. At Wickline, the Malkiewicz brothers developed the first no turn mattress in the United States, influencing mattress designs worldwide. Blue Ocean Sleep works in cooperation with a leading bedding manufacturer in Germany, Breckle Matrazen, which is now celebrating its 75th anniversary.

About Breckle Matratzen: Known for its value and superior service, Breckle Matratzen is one of Germany’s largest producers of mattresses and European style boxspring support systems. Founded in 1933 near the city of Stuttgart by Emil Breckle, the company has remained in family hands ever since. Today, Emil’s son Siegfried Breckle runs the award winning company with help from his two sons Michael and Andreas and their cousin, Gert. Breckle employs 1,400 people and produces up to 10,000 pieces a day at its four factories. The company also has its own foam pouring facility. Breckle is the recipient of numerous awards, including the prestigious “Stiftung Warrentest,” Germany’s highest honor in the industry. Breckle is now embarking on an “American adventure,” bringing its technology to the U.S market through a partnership with bedding innovators, Blue Ocean Sleep.