Blu Sleep Expands Executive Team

Blu Sleep recently announced that it has hired Mark Patrick Tame as Vice President of Sales, Strategy and Operations. The international sales and business development veteran will report directly to the company’s CEO and co-founder, Alex Ciccolella. In this new position, Mr. Tame will be responsible for leading and growing the company’s sales force as well as identifying areas for international business development, while leading Corporate Strategy and Global Operations.

“We are very excited to have Mark Patrick join the Blu Sleep team. He brings extensive sales, management, international business development and marketing experience to the table,” said Alex Ciccolella, Blu Sleep CEO and Co-Founder. “Throughout the years, Mark Patrick has worked for a wide range of international companies across a variety of industry sectors. This staffing addition comes at a time when we are expanding our brand’s global footprint within the bedding industry and consumer sleep products market.”

Mark Patrick Tame

Prior to joining Blu Sleep, Mr. Tame held executive sales and business development positions at some of Canada’s top manufacturing businesses and served as a business consultant to many international companies.

During his career he has contributed to overhaul business development and corporate strategies, and managed inside and outside sales forces, marketing, purchasing, and service departments. He has also worked in lobbying efforts, to promote organizations to government authorities and suppliers through the national distribution networks.

“Mark Patrick has a proven track record for helping organizations harness their potential while growing sales and increase brand recognition, which are skills that are important to us at Blu Sleep. His enthusiasm for tapping into his experiences from other businesses makes him an asset to our team,” said Elizabeth Dell’accio, Blu Sleep President and Co-Founder.


About Blu Sleep Products 

Founded in 2006, Blu Sleep Products is best known for its patented pillows and mattresses which are designed to deliver a personalized, pampering sleep experience. Each product features the company’s unique technologies – such as water-expanded foam, essential oils, enhanced airflow, and unique construction – to provide a refreshing and soothing experience for a restorative night’s sleep. Its high-quality mattresses and pillows transform sleep into a nightly wellness ritual much akin to a luxury spa. Blu Sleep is headquartered in Pompano Beach Florida and maintains a permanent product showroom in the World Market Center Las Vegas.