Better Sleep Council Launches Education Videos

The Better Sleep Council (BSC) collaborated with lifestyle and relationship expert Lissa Coffey on a three-part video series emphasizing how sleep and the mattress contributes to overall health and well-being.

“We produced these videos to provide mattress manufacturers and retailers with greater access to Better Sleep Council resources,” said Karin Mahoney, director of communications for the BSC. “They can easily incorporate content into their promotional and marketing tools to assist customers in understanding why sleep is important in their life, and the critical role that a new, quality mattress plays in getting a good night’s rest. These videos enhance the retailer and manufacturer’s online presence and help them create another touch point with customers.”

The video series centers around factors considered by customers when purchasing a mattress. For example, one of Coffey’s videos outlines necessary steps when “test-driving” a mattress in a store. This process eases the purchase process. The second video highlights the importance of sleep and addresses common challenges couples face when trying to get the recommended seven to eight hours of nightly rest. In the third video, Coffey focuses on creating a “sleep sanctuary,” sharing tips on how to make the bedroom soothing and sleep-inducing. From snoring to cuddling to selecting the right mattress, Coffey and the BSC can help consumers buying a new mattresses have a more enjoyable experience to get the rest they need.

The content in this free, simple and data-driven video series can be easily incorporated into online and in-store messaging, regardless of brand. Manufacturers and retailers can download the videos from the BSC website and YouTube channel.

Watch the first video below.

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About the Better Sleep Council: The BSC is the consumer education arm of the International Sleep Products Association, the trade association for the mattress industry. With a quarter century invested in improving America’s quality of sleep, the BSC educates consumers on the critical link between sleep and health, as well as the role of the sleep environment.