BEDGEAR Partners with Wanderlust Stratton Festival

Bedgear has announced its partnership with the Wanderlust Stratton Festival, to be held this June at the Stratton Mountain Resort in Bondville, VT.

As a Wanderlust Stratton Festival partner, bedgear will host custom pillow fittings for attendees to receive recommendations for the best performance pillow suited for their unique sleep needs. Bedgear sleep essentials that provide maximum rest and recovery will also be available for purchase.

“The Wanderlust Stratton Festival is truly a one-of-a-kind event that celebrates an active lifestyle and encourages others to embrace all of life’s adventures,” said Shana Rocheleau, VP of Strategic Partnerships. “This coincides with the values of bedgear, as we believe that rest and recovery is the key to fueling active performance everyday, which makes us a natural fit as event partners.  This is our first partnership with Wanderlust and we’re looking forward to meeting the festival goers that come from around the world to attend the amazing events they have planned.”

Known as a celebration of mindful living, the Wanderlust Stratton Festival will bring together a remarkable group of yoga and meditation instructors, musical performers, speakers, artists and chefs for a transformational retreat. The festival will include a wide range of holistic, creative, inspirational and mindful living-centered activities, to include:

  • Yoga and meditation seminars led by internationally recognized instructors
  • Rue Boheme, the outdoor music festival venue that will feature live music
  • Guided outdoor adventure activities, such as mountain biking tours, hiking and trail runs
  • The Wanderlust Speakeasy, a lecture series on topics about mindful living
  • The Beauty Bar, a spa-like solace, which will feature complimentary treatments and opportunities to sample hand-picked collections of organic and eco-friendly beauty products
  • The Kula Market, a hub for local artisans to share their handmade and homespun wares with the festival community
  • Food Co-op which will feature hand-picked vendors serving a delicious selection of local and sustainable food

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About bedgear: Founded in 2009, bedgear pioneered the category of performance bedding essentials – uniquely designed products built on a patent-pending sales process that fits your sleep position and body frame, to provide you with the maximum recovery at night. With a “lifehacker” philosophy centered on helping you achieve more, our collection of performance pillows, pillow protectors, mattress protectors and sheets harness cutting-edge fabric technologies like those currently used throughout our active daily lives – when we run, ride bikes, do yoga and just enjoy the outdoors. Manufactured using only flexible materials that provide optimal air flow and allow for free range of motion, bedgear performance bedding products also wick away heat & moisture, so you can temperature regulate at night for better rest. You can’t cheat sleep – but you can get more out of the time you spend in bed with products that fit your individual needs.