BEDGEAR Equips Brisbane Broncos With New Performance Sleep Room

BEDGEAR announced the installation of a purpose-built Sleep Room within Australian professional rugby league football’s Brisbane Broncos’ new $26 million Center of Excellence. This move comes in advance of the team’s season opener, in an effort to emphasize the importance of sleep and recovery and hopefully improve their 2018 results. BEDGEAR’s partnership with the Broncos follows its launch in Australia with the 2017 Rugby League World Cup champions, the Australian Kangaroos.

In addition to outfitting the Broncos BEDGEAR Sleep Room with the latest innovations in Performance Sleep, BEDGEAR professionally fit members of the Broncos, as well as the team’s coaches and trainers, with a personalized Performance Pillow and Blanket, to help them build their optimal sleep micro-climate for individual comfort at home.

“With 25 rounds over the course of the regular season, as well as representative honors throughout the year, the demands on an individual athlete’s body are higher than ever before,” said Jeremy Hickmans, Head Conditioning Coach at the Brisbane Broncos. He went on to express his excitement about having the team get fit with their own BEDGEAR Performance Sleep System to achieve maximum recovery in the custom space at their new training headquarters in Red Hill. Through the partnership, BEDGEAR aims to help the Brisbane Broncos make the most out of their time in bed, allowing their bodies to recover and repair through products maximized for air flow and fit to their personal sleep needs.

“We are constantly exploring opportunities to harness that extra one percent,” Hickmans continued. “We heard about the benefits that elite U.S. teams had achieved following installation of similar sleep rooms in their high-performance facilities such as the Boston Celtics in the National Basketball Association and the Boston Red Sox in Major League Baseball. The evidence was compelling and therefore we were thrilled to partner with BEDGEAR.”

Since 2009, BEDGEAR has pioneered the Performance Sleep System. Each system is comprised of a personalized Performance Pillow and Mattress, fit for each individual, as well as mattress protectors, sheets and blankets. Together, the complete Performance Sleep System enhances the body’s ability to sleep more comfortably through temperature regulation at night, allowing for maximum recovery to occur during sleep.

“The National Rugby League is one of the most grueling and physically demanding competitions in the world,” said Eugene Alletto, BEDGEAR’s Founder and CEO. “The season is coupled with intense physical contests and extensive periods of travel. It’s imperative that these athletes refuel their bodies and make sure their recovery is at the highest level possible. Their brand-new BEDGEAR Sleep Room allows players to utilize their rest periods effectively at all times of the day, leading to a greater performance on the field. By helping the players to rest and recover on their own personalized Performance Sleep System, we’ll be playing a part in optimizing their health and wellness.”

This partnership is BEDGEAR’s second exploration into professional sports Sleep Rooms, having first partnered with the Boston Red Sox on their Sleep Room at Fenway Stadium in 2016. Throughout the brand’s targeted partnerships with elite athletes and professional sports teams, BEDGEAR hopes to educate both the players and fans on the importance of sleep in recovery, creating the ability to achieve more during waking hours.

“There is considerable scientific evidence to suggest that the benefits of sleep have far reaching effects on athletic performance. The players are excited to have our own BEDGEAR Sleep Room at their disposal and hopefully, to reap those benefits on and off the field during the 2018 NRL season,” Hickmans concluded.

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About BEDGEAR: Founded in 2009, BEDGEAR is a rapidly growing lifestyle brand of performance bedding for people that want to achieve more out of life. BEDGEAR has redefined the way people view sleep by offering personalized products based on sleep position and body frame. The company’s patented fabric technologies wick away heat and moisture to help regulate body temperature and generate a cooler, drier sleep environment to maximize recovery at night. With distribution facilities in the U.S. and Asia, BEDGEAR is sold in national retailers in the U.S. and Canada, as well as expanding globally. BEDGEAR currently partners with the Boston Celtics and Dallas Mavericks alongside a history of professional athletes and sports teams, including the Denver Broncos.