Bedding Manufacturers Give Back

Shifman Charity Art Work Many bedding manufacturers go beyond just providing quality products to help people sleep better. Over the past year, a number of companies have supported communities or causes in part to ensure more people have the opportunity to rest comfortably. Whether in support of a local organization, in response to a major disaster or as a part of an on-going national campaign, the bedding industry is giving back. In this article we take a look the charitable giving of four manufacturers.

After years of finding great success and opportunities in High Point, North Carolina, Shifman Bedding decided to give back to the community by donating thousands of dollars in bedding to the Seven Homes Foster Care & Adoption Agency. Shifman donated mattresses, box springs and frames to this local charitable child-placing agency, allowing the organization to further expand its reach and support more children in need. Today, each child has a bed of their own, which they can keep, even if they move back to their home. The company received an overwhelming response from the agency and the children themselves, offering their thanks. “There’s nothing more heart-warming than seeing a child benefit from our products,” said Wayne Pezzino, Shifman’s national sales manager.

Helping the community is standard operating procedure for Gotcha Covered. Over the years, the company has been responsive to individuals in need, helping many people with donations ranging from a few sheets to hundreds, depending on the circumstances. “Our core value is to give back to the community. It’s something we do instinctively when we hear of a need locally and nationally, both on an individual and larger need,” said Lisa Bernath, CEO of Gotcha Covered. The company recently teamed with a local retailer to aid the victims of the Oklahoma City tornado. Working with Relax The Back Store, Gotcha Covered helped coordinate the donation of $15,000* worth of fitted and flat sheets, pillowcases and bedskirts for 50 families to Feed the Children and their agency partners. “It was a natural reaction for us to help the victims of the devastating tornado,” Bernath explained. “Now that people are beginning to rebuild their lives, basics like bed sheets become true luxuries that help a new place feel more like home and gives families hope for a better future.”

Simmons ATLSimmons Bedding Company looked to give back to its own local community, as it launched the Firehouse Recharge Atlanta initiative earlier this year. The campaign aims to donate 275 beds to the 30 stations that make up the Atlantic Fire Rescue Department, kicking off at two fire stations in South Atlanta, where Simmons outfitted the sleeping quarters with new Beautyrest mattresses. Lt. Mary Parr, Station Chief of Station 25, thanked Simmons for the contribution saying, “As firefighters, we may only get a few minutes of sleep between calls—but those precious minutes are important! We’re so grateful to Simmons for giving us these new, comfortable beds that will give our hard-working firefighters those few restful moments.” For company president Tony Smith, the gratitude is mutual. “Simmons has made a commitment to support the men and women who keep our communities safe, and we’re grateful for the opportunity to show them our appreciation.”

Taking a slightly different approach to giving back, Blu Sleep will officially launch their partnership with the American Breast Cancer Foundation this October, as part of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This new donation program was conceived by the company as a way to enhance their annual charitable donations by establishing a way to give back all year long. The “Blu Goes Pink” program will donate a portion of the revenue of each Wellness Air Flow Comfort Pillow to support the foundation’s cancer screening, diagnostic testing and cancer treatment. Dealers will be kicking off the program launch by holding events to raise awareness about the cause, using Blu Sleep’s marketing and promotional materials, and many retail shops are excited about simply carrying the new product. With this program, every participant can see the immediate benefits. “Everybody wins,” Alex Ciccolella, President of Blu Sleep explained, “we as a company, our retail customers, consumers, and most importantly, the people who benefit directly from these donations.”

This sort of generosity is not limited to these four manufacturers; they are a part of an industry-wide commitment to bettering the communities in which we all live and work. Working closely with local charities and organizations, bedding manufacturers and retailers nation-wide are offering their time and resources to those that need them the most.

*Please note that in the printed version of this article, the donation amount was incorrectly listed as $150,000. The error has been amended here.