Beautyrest Continues Partnership With Sleep Expert Dr. Rebecca Robbins

The Beautyrest brand is excited to extend its partnership with sleep expert Dr. Rebecca Robbins following the success of her 2017 collaboration with the brand. Since Beautyrest initially engaged with Dr. Robbins last summer, she has contributed to numerous media articles, blog posts and educational videos for the brand that discuss the importance of sleep. To date, her press interviews have garnered more than 120 million media impressions for Beautyrest, with coverage in high-profile outlets including The Washington Post,, Family Circle, Real Simple and The Huffington Post.

“Our experience with Dr. Robbins last year confirmed she is an invaluable resource for anyone who wants to know how to obtain optimal sleep for waking success – whether they are consumers, members of the media or retail sales associates,” said Beautyrest Vice President of Marketing Communications Michelle Montgomery. “As we developed our ‘Be More Awake’ campaign for 2018, we recognized the synergies between her content and our core campaign message, which focuses on the powerful role sleep plays in helping consumers realize their full potential. Dr. Robbins served as our wake-up mindfulness expert at the launch of our campaign, as part of one of the NYC concerts of Beautyrest Presents: Max Richter’s SLEEP. We’re very pleased to have her represent Beautyrest again this year, and we look forward to her continued partnership as we reinforce the ‘Be More Awake’ message with consumers.”

Dr. Rebecca Robbins

Dr. Robbins has dedicated much of her life to the study of sleep, and she currently conducts sleep research at New York University. Her most recent research project was published this past January in the research journal Health Communication and profiled in Sleep Review: The Journal for Sleep Specialists. The study surveyed individuals regarding their use of mobile phones for sleep tracking purposes and identified other habits that were prevalent among those who used mobile technology to monitor their sleep.

“We’ve learned from Dr. Robbins that the field of sleep research is ever-changing, and her team is constantly making new discoveries involving the science of sleep,” said Montgomery. “By partnering with Dr. Robbins, we’re working with someone whose passion for sleep is clear, and we love that she is driven to share her sleep knowledge and insights with others. Although many people still view quality sleep as a luxury rather than as a necessity, Dr. Robbins is committed to changing this dangerous mindset – and that’s something both she and Beautyrest have in common.”