Back Page From The Publisher: Spring 2015

I recently had the opportunity to take part in celebrating 100 years of the International Sleep Products Association at last month’s 2015 Industry Conference. Joining a number of material suppliers and mattress makers in St. Petersburg, Florida, I enjoyed a couple of days of great conversation and informative business-focused speakers. Not only a warm and welcome reprieve from DC’s frigid winter, the conference really showcased what a great partner ISPA is to this industry. It also got me thinking about all of the many movers and shakers in the bedding world— and the different ways that these companies are making an impact.

Our cover story takes a closer look at South Bay International—delving into how the company’s approach to private labeling is helping brands grow nationwide. By developing unique bedding solutions to fit every individual retailer need, and supplying them with superior customer service, South Bay has created a distinct model for success. While some manufacturers and retailers have continued to shy away from online retailing, it has truly embraced the growing e-commerce trend. In the world of private labeling and online sales, South Bay’s expertise is unmatched.

Throughout this issue, we have highlighted a number of bedding companies that have found success with savvy business decisions. Their goal is simple: help retailers sell more beds and help consumers create their ideal sleep environment.

We’ve showcased a number of different ways that companies are helping their retail partners. Following the completion of its comprehensive study on in-store marketing, Colonial LLC is armed with valuable insights about the way consumers shop for mattresses—and committed to helping manufacturers and retailers dress their products for success. Our Q&A sheds light on a variety of comprehensive marketing strategies, as executives from Boyd Specialty Sleep, E.S. Kluft and Co., and Simmons explain how their companies have each developed a unique approach to branding.

But innovative marketing and branding is only successful if great products back them up. From Paramount Sleep’s new Hypnos Collection to the launch of Heritage Sleep Concepts, there are a number of notable companies joining forces and combining their expertise to create exciting new offerings. Our Features from the Editors highlights the level of innovation going into “add-on” products, showcasing some of the latest bedding accessories that are changing the way people think about personalized support. Whether touting performance materials or customizable features, these products allow consumers to create their ideal sleep environment with advanced technologies and innovative design.

And, as always, we’ve highlighted all of the newest mattress introductions, material updates and high-quality accessories that you can see at the spring High Point Market—showcasing a number of unique collections that are sure to be a hit on retail floors.

We’re lucky to be a part of such an evolving industry. No matter which way you look, innovation is all around us: from ground-breaking new products to advanced marketing resources to exciting new business opportunities. And we, for one, are looking forward to many more years of forward thinking!