Back Page from the Publisher: Fall 2016

While the Fall High Point Market may be lighter on major product introductions, it is rich with careful contemplation on the more subtle details of the bedding marketplace as a whole.

For this issue, we turned our focus to Bedding Industries of America for our fall cover story. Armed with a long company history and a comprehensive network of industry veterans and innovators, BIA has developed a unique approach to licensing and manufacturing. The company has benefited greatly from a longstanding commitment to bringing “real business” to its partners. With a willingness to evolve with the times and a corporate environment that prioritizes open communication with all of its factories, BIA has developed trusted product lines that resonate with consumers and how they shop for mattresses today.

As the online bedding marketplace continues to grow, we are at a critical turning point. This issue’s exclusive features are centered on an increasingly important question: how can we improve the mattress shopping experience? The Product Focus sheds light on the value of innovative package design—spotlighting the creative companies who are enhancing the purchasing process with eye-catch- ing and informative packaging. The Q&A takes this a step further as we ask three forward-thinking executives to explain the programs and initiatives they have implemented to help retailers create a more welcoming shopping environment.

Of course, these are not the only ways the industry is working to recalibrate the status quo. After receiving such positive feedback on our special feature, “Women Are The Key To The Bedding Industry’s Future” from our summer issue, we once again turned our sights onto women leaders. For this issue, we spoke with Kimberly Fisher and Dani Serven, two CEOs who are making significant contributions to the bedding marketplace with their insightful problem solving and pragmatic approach to innovation.

Despite the slower pace of the Fall High Point Market, there are still plenty of updates and product launches to look forward to. With key mattress introductions from Gold Bond, Classic Brands, Therapedic and Kingsdown, market attendees will have the chance to explore creative new specialty features across a wide range of price points. The accessories category continues to offer major growth opportunities, as companies like Malouf, Fashion Bed Group and the Pillow Bar introduce valuable add-on products. Some of the biggest news of the fall, though, is about new marketing and sales strategies. Reinvigorating its longstanding commitment to sleep innovators, the SSA has unveiled a new mission statement that pledges to promote its members, product transparency and education. Sharing a similar mindset, Boyd Specialty Sleep has announced the expanded availability of its Sleep Metrics bed selection program—which will now help even more retailers connect their customers to the right mattress for them.

All in all, we’re proud to have the chance to continually showcase such innovative companies: the creative thinkers who are tirelessly striving to create meaningful solutions. And we look forward to seeing what exciting new ideas they come up with next.