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By: Christopher Schriever

It’s been busy at BEDROOM as we embarked on a manufacturer road trip! We learned more about the mattress manufacturing process, the people who create and construct them, and the unique environment at each factory. We witnessed firsthand how different types of mattresses and bedding products are constructed from the delivery of raw materials to the shipment of finished products.

Starting at Gold Bond in Hartford, CT, the BEDROOM team saw the manufacturer’s entire operation—from the warehouse where the furniture for their futons is stored through the looming, quilting process, and construction of the mattress to the final inspection and packaging for daily deliveries. Impressive was Gold Bond’s quality of materials and hands-on construction of each mattress. Processing cotton onsite, with its own garnetting machine, Gold Bond has complete control over the quality of cotton it uses in the construction of every futon and mattress that leaves their impressive facility.

Next stop—Latex International and Pure LatexBLISS in Shelton, CT. An exciting start to our tour, we saw how the latex is stored, constantly in motion, before being pushed into the factory and into molds for formation. Here is where we first learned the detail and precise consistency Latex International takes to ensure the product they deliver is as pure and consistent as possible. With both talalay and dunlap latex capabilities, it was interesting to see how latex is poured, created with specific levels of ingredients, and cut to deliver a high quality latex foam that will either be incorporated into mattresses, toppers, or pillows.

Lastly, we visited Shifman in Newark, NJ, taking in the industrial atmosphere of the city at the company’s impressive historic building on the banks of the Passaic River. While there have been additions and renovations, Shifman mattresses have been made in the same factory since 1918. An impressive addition in 1994 increased manufacturing capabilities by 40%; allowing the company to make even more quality, handcrafted mattresses with the same values, and techniques used since the company began. From watching the construction of a Shifman box spring, to seeing an employee hand-tuft a mattress using Shifman’s exclusive Sanotuft technique, the attention to quality and detail was remarkable .

We enjoyed our time with these manufacturers and encourage retailers to take the time and see how the products they sell are being crafted. It’s an outstanding process. Seeing how mattress manufacturers change their techniques, materials and products, while remaining true to their respective mission and core values, proved fascinating!