Back Page from the Publisher

I continue to be impressed with the generosity within the mattress industry—manufacturers and retailers alike continue to come together helping communities in need.

From Verlo’s Pink Tape mattress with proceeds going to Breast Cancer research; Spring Air International’s ongoing Facebook campaign to provide basic necessities to children in third world countries; and ComforPedic’s firehouse makeovers; to NaturaWorld providing a Dream Travel Pillow to every member of the Canadian military, manufacturers go one step further to raise awareness on key issues affecting our world today.

At more local levels, retailers such as Alabama-based Bedzzz Express are donating mattresses to those in crisis after recent natural disasters. Others are providing discounted mattresses for fundraising events to benefit local schools and families in their communities. The bedding industry understands that during hard economic times we must come together to help our consumers.

Further, manufacturers are finding more ways than ever to provide consumers with innovative technologies and applications to take into account each individual’s sleep needs. With the new gel applications being incorporated into mattresses, pillows, and toppers manufacturers allow for a cooler, more restful sleep. The complete BEDROOM team remains excited to see how Latex is evolving into a must have material of today’s mattresses.

Companies are also more aware of the environment and the impact on future generations. As seen in our Examining Green with Industry Leaders article, with the complete responses available on our website, the green category only continues to increase as consumers become more conscious of their purchases and seek more environmentallyfriendly bedding solutions.

As the industry continues to adjust, I look forward to keeping our readers, the retailers, up-to-date with the most current industry news. From the latest manufacturer developments to retailer programs across the country our website and our Facebook page will continue to provide news updates on an ongoing basis.