Back Page from the Editor: Creative Solutions

After a Winter Market filled with new introductions, product launches and major roll-outs, it’s exciting to learn how manufacturers use materials in new ways to create custom solutions and creative bedding products.

In this issue, we’ve covered bedding manufacturers that work tirelessly to come up with new and creative bedding solutions. These companies are constantly rethinking what we know to offer greater benefits to the consumer—and higher margins for the retailer.

Our cover story focuses on Pure LatexBLISS, a manufacturer we think embodies this commitment to “thinking differently”. Over the years, they have expanded their brand portfolio to include a wide range of feels and price points—with mattresses made exclusively from Talalay latex. The company has yet again found a unique approach to bedding with their new Man Made Talalay Latex Collection, which further diversifies their offerings to connect with a broader range of consumers.

In this issue’s Q&A, we learned about Scott & Duval’s new take on the box spring, which uses high-quality furniture coils to offer a distinctive story and superior support. Soft-Tex’s new Wonder Down pillow and topper collection reimagines traditional down accessories—offering the traditional feel without the drawbacks some consumers associate with the material.

Other companies have focused on updating and expanding product collections. For the past few years, Jamison’s objective has been to “rethink, redesign or reinvent” its full line-up of beds to provide quality bedding at every price point. Gold Bond has also expanded and refreshed three of its mattress collections to “offer a wider range of options for millennials on the showroom floors.” And Serta recently teamed up with the National Sleep Foundation to update its popular Perfect Sleeper line to better address the five most common sleep problems.

For retailers looking to add a higher priced collection, we took a closer look at the ever-growing luxury bedding segment. From Kluft’s $60,000 “Grande Nuit a Paris” sleep-set to Kingsdown’s stylish “Haute Couture” line-up, this reinvigorated interest in luxury products and price points is a key solution for retailers who want to expand their customer base and boost their margins.

But, of course, none of this ingenuity is profitable unless the consumer understands the benefits. FXI’s “Temperature Regulation Factor System” provides a clear, easy-to-understand ranking of different foam formulations. Wright Global Graphics’ new DemoTEC is a dynamic new alternative to embroidered POP, designed to capture the attention of consumers the second they walk into a showroom.

It may be ironic, but this truly is an industry that never sleeps—and this constant stream of creative thinking is paramount to its success. We’re pleased to showcase the many different and ways that companies approach problem solving, and excited to see what’s on the horizon.