An Historic First: Hastens Redesigns Its Iconic Blue Check

Hästens, celebrated Swedish craftsmen of sleep since 1852, announced a ground-breaking design collaboration with the Swedish design duo, Bernadotte & Kylberg. The collaboration, in which the Hästens signature blue check has been completely re-imagined, consists of the new Appaloosa and Marwari beds, both of which use the construction of the Hästens 2000T bed. This collaboration, announced at Salone del Mobile Milan from April 4 – April 9, 2017, marks the first time that the Hästens’ iconic blue check has been re-imagined. The collection will be available globally by January 2018.

Throughout the two-year design process, Hästens, along with the designer duo, created two completely new fabrics that bring to life the forward-thinking vision of Bernadotte & Kylberg, while also upholding the supreme comfort and construction of the world renowned beds.

"It is with great pleasure that we announce a ground-breaking and unique design collaboration," said Hästens Chairman and fifth-generation owner Jan Ryde. "We could not have imagined a more suitable partner than Bernadotte & Kylberg to interpret our signature blue check, with a truly innovative and modern performance. Both Appaloosa and Marwari exceeded our expectations and the result pushes the boundaries of what is Hästens classical design. "

"We were very excited when we were contacted by Hästens. It felt very tempting to work with such a classic Swedish brand, which also has such a strong graphical expression," said Oscar Kylberg, president of Bernadotte & Kylberg. "For us as designers, it is equally important with the two-dimensional expression in the pattern of the three-dimensional shape of the bed. To interpret such iconic designs was challenging, but exciting, and we are very proud of the result.”

Appaloosa and Marwari are both built by hand by specially trained craftspeople. Every Hästens bed is handmade with highest quality natural materials in the brand’s own studio in Koping, Sweden. The inspiration behind the Appaloosa and Marwari names come from the horse breeds with the same names, respectively: Appaloosa with its irregularly spotted coat and Marwari, with its rich brown coat.

Hastens AppaloosaWith inspiration from the cubism era, Bernadotte & Kylberg created Appaloosa, a reinterpretation of Hästens’ classic blue and white colors. The American horse breed, Appaloosa, best known for its colorful and irregularly spotted hide, was the inspiration for the name of this product. The design is based on the Hästens iconic blue check, interpreted with a playful, contemporary twist, with a large blue and white pattern. The interweaving of these two original colors created the new pattern, where four color fields make up a graphic abstraction and gives a sense of movement. For this bed and matching headboard, Hästens has created a new fabric in two layers with different shades of blue, light blue and white. Appaloosa takes two full days to create.

Bernadotte & Kylberg wanted to make an abstract graphic interpretation of the iconic blue check, wanting the viewer to see the pattern and recognize it as a Hästens bed, but with an innovative and modern twist.

Hastens MarwariThe name Marwari was inspired by a rare, majestic breed of horse from the Marwar region of India. Bernadotte & Kylberg’s inspiration came from the DNA of Hästens’ design and craftsmanship, so they have ultimately designed a textile that gives the impression of saddle girth, a tribute to the origins of Hästens as master saddle makers. The complicated process used. The bed also incorporates vegetable dyed leather pieces to create a border on the base of the bed, as well as the headboard.

The Marwari bed is a rich brown color, similar to that of the Marwari horse, with a matching headboard, vegetable dyed leather accents and signature brass plate. Each bed takes close to one week to create.

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About Hästens: Since 1852, Hästens has taken up the challenge of designing the best sleep possible. The skillful craftsmen at Hästens’ atelier in Köping, Sweden, have worked to perfect the bedmaking craft for generations. Every Hästens bed is handmade using only premium natural materials. Now active in 36 countries and with more than 200 partners in Europe, Asia and the Americas, this once-modest family business has grown to become a global manufacturer, retailer and Royal Purveyor of premium beds.