A New Approach To Customer Service For Mattress Retailers

By James Ramey, CEO of DeviceBits

Customer care is often times one of the best ways for brands to make a connection with their customer. These interactions can change the way a customer feels about a particular retailer. A good experience could turn a first-time customer into a repeat or lifetime customer, whereas a poor experience could keep that customer from ever doing business with that brand again.

Because customer service is such a critical component to the overall brand experience, sleep product retailers must be aware of the shortcomings of the traditional approach to customer service, as well as new opportunities.

The Problem With Traditional Customer Service

If a customer from a sleep products retailer needs assistance with a product or service they will typically call a customer service hotline and wait to be helped by a customer service agent. But due to the volume of calls received each day, a customer could be left on hold for unknown lengths of time until an available representative is able to assist them. This is frustrating to the customer because their needs are not being met at the rate at which they expect.

This level of inefficiency isn’t isolated to the customer. Retailers and customer service departments are also feeling the effects of high caller volume. Not only are there thousands of calls to get through in a day, but some of the questions that customers have are more complex and cannot be answered by the traditional call center script many agents have traditionally used. Even with the best training programs, today’s level of questions due to technically advanced products, such as complex frame builds, mean that customers are now calling with questions that call center scripts just can’t answer.

A Better Solution

Hybrid customer service is emerging out of necessity for better and smarter customer care options. This new breed of customer care utilizes both the call centers and online self-support materials to deliver the highest quality of customer service to the customer.

Hybrid customer service uses customer care agents on the phone and provides customers with online self-service materials that can guide them through a number of situations via interactive tutorials, video guides and adaptive FAQ’s. These online materials aren’t designed to replace call center agents, but instead work toward creating more efficiency in the call center process, ultimately benefiting the customer and retailer.

How It Works

This dual-action approach to traditional customer service offerings decreases the number of calls to customer service centers by allowing customers to help themselves by finding answers to their queries online. This trend of self-service customer care comes from the customer’s need to be assisted as quickly and easily as possible. Rather than waiting on the phone for assistance, a customer can simply visit the brand’s website and solve the problem themselves. This is a simple way to automate the customer service process and meet the needs of customers more efficiently. But hybrid customer service doesn’t just benefit customers.

With less calls coming into the customer service call center, agents are able to spend more time with customers who have more difficult or technical problems in a more efficient manner. Additionally, customer service agents can also access these support materials, rather than relying on outdated customer service scripts, to help customers quickly solves their issues. These materials, which include FAQs, videos, spec sheets, and interactive tutorials can fill in the gaps where traditional customer service scripts and training may not be able to cover since technology updates often make scripts outdated.

Hybrid customer service is the answer to over-worked call centers and customer service agents. By putting more power in the customer’s hands with online self-support materials, customer service agents are more readily available to handle the complex issues for customers. This new blend of customer care techniques will enable brands to give their customers the fastest, most accurate customer service experience that they desire.

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About DeviceBits: DeviceBits is a software company that services clients through a predictive and personalized understanding of interactive tutorials, adaptive FAQs, Interactive Guides and Videos designed to for self-serving consumers.