4th of July Sleep Data Yields Interesting Insights

Often associated with long pool days, cooking out and fireworks going off late into the night, the fourth of July is a holiday that marks the pinnacle of summer in the United States. While many engaged in the normal festivities, people did exhibit some interesting sleep patterns before, during and after their patriotic celebrations. The most surprising of this data shows that Americans slept in on the 4th—and then went to bed earlier! Could these findings indicate a fading interest in fireworks or do they underscore the inconvenience of July 4th on a Wednesday?

According to data collected by Sleep Cycle, a popular intelligent alarm clock app,  Americans slept in on the 4th after going to sleep later on the 3rd (when compared to Tuesday of the week before) and woke up earlier on the 5th (when compared to the Thursday of the week before).

The data also shows that the early to bed users came from Alaska, Arizona, Washington and Oregon, while the night owls are from New York, North Dakota and New Jersey.

Additionally, New York was also home to the latest risers, followed by West Virginia and Michigan.

Finally, most states woke up in a less happy mood than they did the previous Thursday, especially in Wyoming, South Dakota and Louisiana.

While we can't necessarily come to any firm conclusions, people may have treated the night of July 3rd as more of a holiday night than the night of July 4th since Independence Day fell on Wednesday this year.

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About Sleep Cycle: Sleep Cycle is an intelligent alarm clock app that analyzes users’ sleep, records findings, and wakes them during their lightest sleep phase so they feel rested and refreshed. The app generates nightly sleep reports, tracks long-term sleep trends and logs how daily activities impact sleep quality. The app uses patented sound analysis technology so that users don’t need to place their device in bed with them for the app to work. With more than a million users worldwide, Sleep Cycle is the best-selling and most popular alarm clock application on the market.