3 Ways To Practice Corporate Responsibility

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At their core, bedding manufacturers and retailers provide consumers with a basic human need: safe, restorative and clean sleep. Sleep products are essential to supporting a happy and healthful life - and there is true value in extending that care to the wider world by giving back to the community.

From the very beginning, Malouf has built its brand on the promise of delivering economic, social and environmental benefits to all. We spoke with the company recently about its dedicated approach to corporate social responsibility - and how other brands can adopt similar practices.

Start In-House: Value Your Employees & Believe In What You Do

Fostering a satisfying internal work culture is a key component to any successful company. While giving back to the local, national and global community is an important step, it’s critical to create a supportive work environment within your company first. Studies show that happy employees produce better work. In fact, they are said to be 12% more productive than unhappy workers.

That said, you don’t have to throw office parties all the time just to keep employees happy. Work is still work. However, offering meaningful benefits, regularly acknowledging the value of your employees and promoting open communication and camaraderie among employees are a few ways to develop and nurture a positive work culture.

One way Malouf does this is by covering its employees’ health insurance in full. This communicates to employees that their health is a priority and it encourages them to take care of themselves, recognizing that wellness is crucial to strong performance and overall satisfaction at work and in life. While not all companies can afford to provide such a meaningful but costly benefit, think critically about what kinds of benefits you can provide and what message they’ll send to your employees.

Developing a clear and simple purpose for your company is another key to motivating your employees. When each and every team member understands how their contributions fit into the company’s vision, they glean more satisfaction from what they do. Part of what buoys Malouf employees to internalize this shared sense of purpose is the brand’s happiness-first approach and commitment to balance and giving. Company founders Sam and Kacie Malouf purport that “if you put happiness at the front of the equation, and create a culture and environment that people enjoy, hard work and success will naturally follow.” By inspiring a love of life, advocating for balance and promoting generosity, the brand clearly communicates to employees that while their skills and work are prized, their physical, mental and social well-being comes first.

Philanthropy: Start Small & Build From There

When Sam and Kacie first founded Malouf, they were not only eager to create a better way of life for themselves – they wanted to establish a better way of life for others as well. This included their employees, customers, the community and beyond.

Get Involved In Your Local Community

Initially Malouf started local. The company has been a long-time supporter of CAPSA, a non-profit domestic violence, sexual abuse and rape recovery center based in Utah. Malouf outfits the shelter with bedding that the individuals can take with them when they move on to new living arrangements – helping to continue on with a fresh start.

Let Your Philanthropic Work Grow With Your Company

“From the beginning, the growth of the company and the growth of the philanthropic activities have gone hand in hand,” explained Jake Neeley, communications director at Malouf. “The two tie together. As much as the company has grown, our efforts to give back to the people we serve have grown as well.”

In the past year, Malouf has started the Malouf Foundation with the goal of uniting its partners in the cause of fighting human trafficking. While Kacie manages this exciting and large-scale initiative, Malouf also involves all of its employees, who are happy to donate their time and expertise to supporting the foundation.

The key to Malouf’s philanthropic work is that the company has chosen to help address issues that matter to them deeply - and is working to solve problems from as many angles as possible. Not only does the Foundation host its annual Forging Freedom event at the Las Vegas Market to educate industry peers about this global problem, but Malouf also works with its retail partners to provide concrete information on how to pick up on signs that someone may be a victim of human trafficking.

Product Proceeds

Malouf’s latest step towards its goal of supporting this cause is through its products themselves. The company is donating $5.00 from every sales of its Active Dough Pillow and Triple Layer Down Pillow to the Foundation. Some of the foundation’s work includes re-entry services for victims. Additionally, Malouf uses its network of factories to help recovering victims achieve a living wage so they can financially support themselves.

Be A Good Steward Of The Earth

Finally, sustainability is an important social responsibility we all have. Stocking eco-friendly products, creating facilities that emit less waste, educating the public on how to recycle sleep products and even simply recycling general waste in store locations are simple ways to be a good steward of the earth.

Why do all this?

When you take a comprehensive approach to corporate responsibility, you are communicating authenticity to consumers and employees alike. From employee benefits and community involvement to environmental sustainability and charitable giving, Malouf weaves social consciousness throughout the fabric of the brand’s identity. Whether you are a manufacturer or retailer, practicing corporate social responsibility adds a new layer of purpose to what you do. It communicates your brand’s values to customers and employees in a very real way and creates a sense of connection within your work community and your local or global community. When people work together for something bigger than themselves, it not only does good for the world – it also powerfully bonds the individuals involved. The result is a happier, healthier and more successful working environment.

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This article originally appeared in Sleep Retailer eNews on July 12, 2018

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