Winter 2016 Editors’ Picks

Glideaway’s comprehensive line-up of adjustable bases includes a variety of innovative features, stylish designs and valuable price points. From the introductory Prelude (which offers a sophisticated look and simplified features for the more price-conscious consumer) to the higher-end Rhythm (which comes with full range head-up and foot-down options, Sleep Enhancement, wall hugging and LED lighting), the Comfort Base offerings help retailers connect with a wide range of consumers who are looking for a more personalized sleep system.

Palmpring 3 Happy Coconuts

Just like its parent company, Palmpring, Three Happy Coconuts firmly believes that natural materials make for the best sleep. The new brand, developed by Palmpring USA CEO Camilla Kim, was designed for use by the whole family, with a special focus on the youngest members. The line-up features two mattress styles, two pillows, one topper, one crib mattress and a mattress made specifically for adjustable bases. By utilizing all certified organic components – including the company’s trademark certified organic coconut coir fiber for resiliency and shock absorption, and pure, organic latex for cushioning and anti-microbial properties – Three Happy Coconuts’ highlights its commitment to its key values of family, comfort and safety.


PureCare is finding that cooling performance fibers continue to be hot! The company’s exclusive FRíO Rapid Chill Cooling Fibers have reliably tested to cool five times faster than standard polyester. The proprietary micarex-mineral based technical textile was originally introduced in the form of the FRíO 5-sided mattress and pillow protectors. From there, PureCare capitalized on its success by expanding its luxury Elements sheeting assortment to include the FRíO-based Glacies collection. Most recently, the company introduced its SUB-0º line of pillows, encouraging consumers to “find relief from sleep heat.” By offering such a comprehensive suite of cooling products, PureCare offers retailers a unique solution to one of consumers’ most common sleeping issues.


Posh + Lavish
The latest addition to the luxury mattress segment, Posh + Lavish delivers sumptuous comfort with six handmade mattress models made from high-quality Talalay latex, continuous process latex, medium course grade wool, all-natural cotton and Tencel-faced fabric. In addition to offering advanced durability and premium styling, Posh + Lavish aims to help retailers succeed within the consolidating industry. With generous margins, exclusive trading areas and superior customer care, the company has further differentiated itself by selling its high-end mattresses exclusively through independent retailers with brick and mortar stores.

Blu Sleep

Blu Sleep Products
Blu Sleep Products has expanded its successful accessories portfolio with the addition of the highly breathable Purity Pillow. Made from high-quality, water-expanded Italian foam, the pillow features a honeycombed open-cell structure and ventilation holes—making it 500 times more breathable than conventional memory foam pillows. The fully-washable pillow also features a Tencel fabric cover treated with antibacterial Silver Clear, ensuring continued freshness.

Gold Bond

After an overwhelmingly positive response at the Fall High Point Market, Gold Bond’s new S-Series with Serene Comfort Foam mattress is poised to become one of the company’s top sellers. Adjustable base friendly, the American-made Serene Comfort Foam is CertiPUR-US certified. Manufactured with a unique open-cell structure comprised of large bags of air, the mattress provides better airflow that results in a cooler, dryer, more comfortable feel. Because it is not heat-sensitive, the latex-like foam retains a consistent feel, regardless of the temperature. Vacuum-packed in smaller packaging than most rolled mattress, the S-Series with Comfort Foam affords more efficient warehouse storage, lower shipping costs and more inventory on the truck. Both the eight and ten inch models have a sleek, contemporary design that is sure to stand out on the showroom floor.

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