Summer 2021 Editors’ Picks


After years of R&D, Hologenix is now able to integrate its flagship Celliant product into pure white fibers. Previously only available in a limited color palette, this new discovery not only allows Celliant-based products to come in a crisp white—it opens up the possibility for more pastel options as well. The bedding industry has embraced Celliant as a valuable addition to performance-driven top-of-bed products. Available in nylon, polyester and recycled polyester fibers, this innovative fiber captures and converts body heat into infrared energy, which helps to increase local circulation, regulate body temperature and promote faster recovery and better sleep. Now with more aesthetic options available, retailers can market Celliant’s unique performance benefits to a wider range of consumers.


Marketing_Tempur 2

Tempur Sealy International

Tempur Sealy International is encouraging its retail partners to “find their edge.” Offering a fully integrated collection of tools and resources provided by Tempur Sealy, its Retail Edge program helps retailers create and deliver a more personalized and connected buying experience. Broken into six categories including digital, connected, advertising, training, assortment and in-store, Retail Edge offers the crucial support and information retailers need to do just that—gain an edge on the competition and deliver a stronger experience to their customers.



Intellibed has long made a name for itself as a leading purveyor of gel mattresses through its premium lineup of Gel Matrix beds. The company is now looking to expand its reach to the broader consumer market with a lower price point option. Its new Gelee brand of mattresses and accessories was designed to deliver the dynamic comfort and support of its innovative Gel Matrix technology at a much more approachable price point. With the goal of making the aspirational more attainable, the mattress line combines the brand’s Gel Matrix technology with traditional foam and coils—creating a unique hybrid experience that adapts to the sleeper’s own body. Ranging from $1,599 to $2,599, the Gelee collection comes with a clear good, better, best step-up story that retailers can tout on their showroom floors. 


Cover_Posh Lavish

Posh + Lavish

Focusing on quality over quantity, Posh + Lavish gives retailers the opportunity to connect with a powerful consumer base and maximize the impact of every sale. Recognizing that the luxury consumer possesses a desire to not only seek out the best  of the best in construction and materials but to see it in person before buying, Posh + Lavish has built its business on supporting the brick-and-mortar retailer. At a time when in-store shopping is becoming novel again, after a period where consumers have been missing the option to browse in-person, Posh + Lavish is an ideal partner for retailers looking to differentiate themselves and drive traffic. 



Demonstrating its deep commitment to purely organic materials and sustainable products, Naturepedic recently became one of the first companies to participate in the Organic Trade Association’s (OTA) robust new Organic Fraud Prevention Solutions program. In fact, Naturepedic is the first non-food organic product to complete the program. Developed to help companies comply with a proposed change in USDA organic regulations, the program as well as the regulatory changes will help to strengthen the organic supply chain and oversight of organic systems, reduce organic fraud and safeguard the USDA organic seal. We aren’t at all surprised but we’re certainly pleased to see Naturepedic ahead of the curve and reaffirming its dedication to safe and organic products. 


Spring Air

Spring Air is throwing it back this season with the revival of its ComfortFlex lineup. Featuring two models, Elements and Evolution, the collection delivers high-quality, aggressively priced options for retailers looking to attract the discerning consumer who is also on a budget. Each model comes in firm, plush and Eurotop—while Evolution offers a bonus pillowtop option. With thoughtfully layered foam constructions and a variety of comfort feels, the line offers something for everyone at an accessible price point from a trusted brand.