Summer 2015 Editors’ Picks

Colonial studyColonial LLC continues to be committed to helping retailers boost their sales—taking the most credible approach to determining the most successful in-store marketing practices. With the completion of its in-depth qualitative research studies, Colonial can offer retailers a comprehensive range of valuable consumer insights that can really change the dynamic for any brand.



Shifman Corner with LabelKnown for its ultra-traditional mattress offerings, Shifman Mattresses made a notable entrance into a more contemporary category at the Spring High Point Market with new mattresses specially designed for platform bases. Just like the company’s lines of box spring-partnered luxury mattresses, Shifman’s high-end platform bed collection is two-sided—adding increased value and longevity— and crafted with the same care and attention to detail for which the company is known.



Simmons BeautyrestComing off the unification of its iconic Beautyrest brand, Simmons is on a record-setting pace for the year. The full line-up boasts exclusive technologies and advanced materials, offering unparalleled value, comfort and support at every price point. With great feels, improved memory foam technology, enhanced aesthetics and the popularity of the “Get Your Beautyrest” marketing campaign, the Beautyrest Recharge Hybrid line has resonated with consumers—making it a standout at retail and driving the company’s sales momentum.


Malouf Tencel Sheets packageMalouf is making it easier for retailers to increase their tickets with a full line-up of Tencel-themed sleep accessories, including mattress protectors, pillow covers and sheets. A soft, sustainable fiber, Tencel offers comprehensive advanced moisture management and superior temperature regulation properties. Combined with value-oriented price points, Malouf’s bundled Tencel line is sure to move on retail floors.


ViscosoftViscosoft is pushing the envelope on sustainable bedding with its EcoSoft foam. Made from more than 60% natural oil polyols, this advanced material offers a higher percentage
of renewable resources
than most foams currently
on the market. The unique cellular structure allows for enhanced durability and better breathability, as proven by independent testing. Viscosoft is passing these benefits onto the consumer with a collection of EcoSoft Pillows that provides unparalleled comfort and support.


Comfort RevolutionComfort Revolution recently partnered with Dow Innovations Dow Polyurethanes to develop
the cutting-edge Hydraluxe Cooling Gel Pillow. Made
from superior memory foam and technologically advanced materials, the pillow was shown to sleep significantly cooler than other sample pillows in independent testing. By providing the optimum sleep temperature along with the cradling comfort and support of memory foam, this unique pillow allows for longer, more comfortable sleep and a fully rested start to the day.