Spring 2021: Editors’ Picks

Pleasant Mattress

Pleasant Mattress recently debuted its new Airflex mattress collection. Inspired by a design originally developed by Edward McRoskey, founder of McRoskey—the San Francisco luxury brand acquired by Pleasant in January 2019—AirFlex takes the best of old-world mattress making and blends it with modern innovations to appeal to today’s consumers. The four-model premiere line of dual-sided mattresses delivers a hand-crafted and natural story. Designed to work with foundations that are popular with the younger generations, the collection is compatible with platform bed bases, can sit atop box springs or pair with adjustable bases.

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Malouf_Home New Website


Malouf is expanding into the broader home category with the launch of a whole new website—maloufhome.com. Understanding that the customer journey now begins online, the new website was designed in-house to enhance the customer experience. To deliver information and product detail clearly and in an engaging way, the site boasts numerous new and interactive features like “Shop The Room”—a series of pages where customers can easily shop products depicted  in a professionally-staged photo of a complete bedroom, filled with Malouf products—as well as Pillows 101 and other fun and educational tools. The website offers a fresh look and feel that reflects the brand’s growth and expansion. 

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Texting features - Closeup shot of an unrecognisable businessman using a cellphone

Opt-in Mobile Solutions

While the end of the pandemic may seem much closer than it did back in January, we suspect that making the customer experience convenient and comfortable for everyone will continue to be part of the new normal. Offering communication tools that suit all of your customers is part of that! Mobile messaging with customers for appointment reminders, the occasional promotional update and pick-up scheduling can make everyone’s life easier. Opt-in Mobile Solutions has a simple and straightforward offering to support your store’s foray into text communication with customers. 

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Manufacturing Factory Facility


OMI is expanding its manufacturing capabilities to meet the growing demand for organic bedding products. The company partnered with Old West Mattress Company in Denver, CO to debut its new “factory within a factory” concept. By creating a secure area of the factory dedicated exclusively to organic production, OMI will be able to meet the exacting standards of its own “Eco-Factory” headquarters—using natural raw materials, specialized equipment and designated shipping and receiving docks. With this new expansion, OMI aims to reduce its delivery times and continue to expand its manufacturing footprint. 

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BEDGEAR Flow Performance Pillow


BEDGEAR is pushing the envelope on breathable sleep products with its patented Air-X fabric technology. Engineered for enhanced airflow, Air-X is designed in a 3D structure that creates a cushion of air with spring-like yarns that allows for more continuous airflow. In addition to delivering a uniquely plush feel, the highly breathable material helps keep the sleeper cool throughout the night. It also helps maintain a cleaner, more hygienic sleep environment, which is a valuable selling point for today’s consumer. Air-X fabric can be found in BEDGEAR’s Flow Performance Pillow collection, which further enhances the material’s breathability with a patented air vent design that redirects heat from the head, neck and shoulders away from the body. 

Visit bedgear.com

Iconix Brand Group Fieldcrest logo

Eclipse International

Eclipse International has teamed up with Iconix Brand Group to launch a new 12-model mattress line under the Fieldcrest brand name—a longtime stand-out in the home textiles and home goods category. Designed with big-box and brick-and-mortar retailers in mind, the collection aims to leverage the consumer awareness of the Fieldcrest brand and give retailers a quality mattress offering to round out their other product categories. Ranging from $1,199 to $2,499 at retail, the collection will include both bed-in-a-box and flat-packed mattress options. 

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