Spring 2017 Editors’ Picks

1. Eclipse International

EclipseLooking to create a higher margin bed-in-a-box option for retailers, Eclipse International’s new Sol line-up features ultra-premium components and a more resilient feel. Priced to retail from $999 to $1,999, each mattress is dressed in an upscale all-black knit cover and is available in firm, plus and euro-top designs. By enhancing the quality, look and feel of many boxed bed options, Eclipse’s new Sol collection gives retailers a valuable opportunity to capitalize on this growing trend while maximizing their delivery options.

Visit eclipsemattress.com


2. Kingsdown

KingsdownBuilding on momentum from its retail partners, Kingsdown is continuing its rollout of its Body Science Technology. Supported by an in-store kiosk, Body Science guides consumers through a series of questions about body type and sleep styles. Once the survey is complete, the kiosk makes a mattress recommendation based on the company’s comprehensive alignment system. Combining extensive scientific research and testing with an unparalleled amount of consumer data, this unique approach to selling sleep products makes it easy for retailers to determine which mattress will deliver the best sleep experience for their customers.

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3. Responsive Surface Technology (ReST)

ReSTCombining advanced technology with a compelling performance story, the ReST Bed was designed to help athletes sleep better and recover faster. Using a patented smart fabric to continuously monitor changes in pressure, the mattress automatically adjusts its five zoned air chambers to accommodate the sleeper’s unique comfort and support needs. In addition to offering an innovative premium product, ReST provides retailers with geographical exclusivity and valuable selling opportunities through its partnership with the Ironman Triathlon.

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4. PureCare

PureCareExpanding upon the success of its cooling SUB-0°line, PureCare recently unveiled its new seven-pillow Body Chemistry collection. In addition to offering the same latex, memory foam, gel and down pillow constructions as the SUB-0 pillows, the new Body Chemistry line features Celliant-infused covers. This unique fiber material has been proven to promote a better night’s sleep by increasing blood flow, improving recovery time and helping the body regulate its temperature throughout the night. With the addition of this new line, PureCare equips retailers with a wide range of comfort feels and the choice of either a cooling or recovery story.

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5. Customatic

CustomaticIn response to the growing consumer demand for greater temperature control, Customatic has developed the new Therm-A-Sense mattress. This innovative sleep system delivers continuous climate comfort through a new, patented technology. Topped with memory foam and operated via a remote, the Therm-A-Sense mattress features numerous zones—each side of the bed as well as both upper and lower body zones within each side—affording truly personalized temperature control. Ranging from $1,499 to $1,999 at retail, the Therm-A-Sense provides an advanced cooling story at an approachable price point.

Visit customaticbeds.com

6. Fashion Bed Group

Fashion Bed GroupAdding its portfolio of easy-to-ship, easy-to-assemble support systems, Fashion Bed Group’s new Simple Life Folding Mattress Foundation delivers true style and convenience. Made of heavy-duty tubular steel, this new foundation features a tri-fold design that unfolds and locks into place without the need for tools. In addition to providing easy set-up for the consumer, this unique design also allows for more convenient shipping as it folds up small enough to fit three times the load into one truck. Priced to retail for $249 in queen, the Simple Life foundation also features tailored corners for added visual appeal.

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