Fall 2021 Editors’ Picks

Eclipse International

To meet the growing demand for more durable sleep products, Eclipse International is reintroducing its Lifetime collection—a line of ultra-high-density mattresses specifically designed to deliver long-lasting comfort. The collection combines 12.5 gauge innersprings, premium foams and the company’s patented Lumbar Zone support system to deliver enhanced stability and correct spinal alignment. Under the tagline “Comfort built to last,” this collection is expanding the market for high-quality and extra sturdy sleep products that provide cost-effective, sustainable longevity.

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Harrison Spinks

Harrison Spinks is bolstering its sustainability credentials with the launch of a dedicated recycling plant to support its “circular by design” ethos. The new plant will facilitate the disassembly and recycling of all Harrison Spinks mattresses containing its patented Cortec spring systems. The recycled components will then be reprocessed into new raw material for future use. With the goal of reaching net carbon zero by 2023, Harrison Spinks is leading the charge on innovative sustainability efforts. 

Visit harrisonspinks.co.uk


STORIS is helping retailers prepare for the busy holiday shopping season with the release of its new 4.3.7 package. This most recent update delivers a host of valuable features to help retailers expand their revenue streams and improve the overall shopping experience both in-store and online. One key benefit is that retailers can now configure their eSTORIS website so that customers will see recommendations for add-on products as they review their Open Orders, which helps create greater upsell opportunities.  The update also allows the desktop eSTORIS platform to retrieve Shopping Carts from the company’s in-store Mobile Point-Of-Sale systems—meaning customers will be able to easily complete a sale they started in-store from home. 

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EP_Classic Brands

Classic Brands

Built for both ecommerce and brick-and-mortar retailers, Classic Brands’ new Infinity Modern collection includes an extensive array of bedroom furniture including metal, wood and upholstered platforms and bedframes. The line’s featured collection is Post and Beam, which touts a platform bedframe, nightstand, four- and six-drawer dressers and a two-drawer hutch—offering a full bedroom set that will fit seamlessly into each customer’s unique style. With bed frames ranging from $199 to $499 in queen, the Infinity Modern collection delivers strong margins while still maintaining the superior value to which Classic customers have grown accustomed.

Visit classicbrands.com

Shifman Mattress

The interest in luxury sleep has grown over the past year, and Shifman Mattress is helping retailers make the most of that demand with the introduction of its new luxury pillow program. Expanding upon the company’s high-end mattresses, the new pillows include three distinct styles made from premium materials like 100% latex and white goose feather down. With price points that range from $169 to $295 at retail, the program provides retailers with a luxurious opportunity to grow their average tickets. 

Visit shifmanmattresses.com

Snap Finance

With Snap Finance’s flexible financing solutions, retailers are able to better support all of their customers—including the 35% of Americans who cannot access traditional financing options. The company’s lease-to-own financing allows customers to get what they need and make payments over time, regardless of their credit score. Not only does offering this solution boost retailers’ average order value, it has been shown to also help improve repeat business as well. Interested in learning more about Snap Finance? Read more in our fall supplement!  

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