Fall 2018 Editor’s Picks

1. Brooklyn Bedding

Brooklyn Bedding has been growing steadily as of late, and at the summer Las Vegas Market, the company introduced six new mattresses. From the Celliant-enhanced Spartan to the cooling Freya to the all-natural Bloom, each model was developed to provide a specific comfort solution for a unique customer niche. Like all of Brooklyn Bedding’s products, these new mattresses are made in the USA and roll-packed for easy delivery—making them ideal options for private label and e-commerce retail programs.

Visit brooklynbedding.com


2. Shifman 

By introducing styling upgrades to its classic Vintage Collection, Shifman is sure to appeal to the modern consumer. Employing a woven fabric, the revitalized collection will include new covers that offer a lush surface feel as well as complementary borders. A higher profile creates a more modernized aesthetic, while still maintaining the elegance of vintage styling. The re-envisioned collection no longer features its signature striped fabric pattern, instead the new streamlined fabric patterns communicate a more contemporary tone.

Visit shifman.com


3. Protect-A-Bed

Protect-A-Bed has long been known for its unique mattress protection products; but the brand has become just as revered for its in-store marketing solutions. This year, Protect-A-Bed has solidified this reputation as it rolled out its new display racking systems in retail stores across the country. Designed to clearly communicate the benefits of each product, this system combines a traditional package-based approach with a more interactive placements that allows shoppers to touch and feel the pillows, sheets and protectors. By enhancing the in-store engagement, Protect-A-Bed is helping retailers increase sales of complete sleep systems.

Visit protectabed.com


4. The National Sleep Foundation

Dedicated to improving health and well-being through sleep education and advocacy, the National Sleep Foundation has been helping the public sleep better and providing sleep professionals with valuable resources since 1990. Its most recent endeavor is the introduction of a three-day consumer sleep experience called the Sleep Show. Combining educational sessions, as well as influential sleep expert and celebrity guest speakers, access to sleep aids, mattresses, sleep technology, baby products and more, the show is expected to attract 10,000+ consumer visitors to the Houston Convention Center in the spring of 2019.

Visit sleepfoundation.org and sleepshow.org


5. Kingsdown

Already lauded for its expert craftsmanship, comprehensive testing and science-backed innovation, Kingsdown has turned its attention to yet another major piece of the mattress sales puzzle: styling. Since merging with Kingsdown Canada, the company has been working to revamp its merchandising strategy—enhancing its mattresses with eye-catching, fashion-forward looks. With the merger, the company has also worked to streamline its operations and expand its manufacturing capabilities. As a whole, Kingsdown appears poised for some exciting growth opportunities in the year ahead.

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6. Bedgear

Bedgear is generating some major buzz with the launch of its new M3 mattress. This unique modular sleep system offers advanced personalization from top to bottom. The M3 not only comes with the choice of four different support systems, ranging from very firm to very plush, it also allows consumers to swap out their innerspring selection for another comfort level. Couples can even customize their side of the bed, while the dual-sided independent suspension ensures a seamless comfort transition across the entire mattress. For added personalization, the zippered Launchpad cover makes it easy to change out the top layer of the mattress, giving consumers the opportunity to upgrade to another one of BEDGEAR’s fabric technologies whenever they like. With such a wide array of interchangeable elements, the M3 equips retailers with a number of exciting new sales opportunities.

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