The World Premier of Bravura by Therapedic International

“Bravura: a musical passage requiring exceptional agility and technical skill in execution.”

If names mean anything, Therapedic International’s new Bravura collection is poised to make a major impact on the bedding market. Debuting for the first time, in full, at the winter Las Vegas Market, this new collection is the company’s most extensive product line to date. Touting exclusive features and standout styling, Bravura is not simply a comprehensive extension of Therapedic’s existing product portfolio—but the culmination of the company’s ongoing dedication to innovation.

With the growing prestige of the Therapedic name, company president Gerry Borreggine believes that this is the perfect time to introduce a collection as substantive as the Bravura. Not only does the company have the manufacturing capacity to support a line-up of this size, it can also offer a level of assurance that comes with the retail success of its individual products and collections. Each line has been carefully developed through a collaborative effort between company leadership, licensees and retail partners.

“One of the things that is unique about Therapedic is the camaraderie of the company,” Borreggine explains. “And that’s for real. We’re a licensing group that’s comfortable with who we are, and where we’re going. Therapedic is a brand with a heritage; it’s a brand with cachet and now it’s a brand with substance behind its claim of being the ‘Number One Brand Alternative.’"

"We have a platform of consistency and growth to speak of—and today, we have large enough engines to power a full line like this from top-to-bottom, from low price points to mid-range, to upper and even specialty options.”

Gerry Borreggine, President of Therapedic International 

Made up of three individual collections, Bravura offers a diverse array of comfort feels and exclusive benefits across multiple price points. Spanning from $599 to $1,299, the Bravura’s promotional line-up is a quality alternative to other low-cost mattress brands—one that creates clear and valuable step-up opportunities both within this section and towards the other higher-priced collections. The next collection in the Bravura line is the “super hybrid” line, which offers five distinct models at retail values that start as low as $999 and end as high as $2,999. Rounding out the collection is the high-end specialty line: a four-model memory foam and latex line-up that delivers luxury feels at $1,299 to $3,999 price points. The entire specialty collection features copper-infused foams, both copper memory foam and copper latex foam.

Therapedic Bravura materials

“There’s something at every price point, shape and form. Something for everyone.”

Susan Mathes, VP of Brand Relations of Therapedic International

Following limited soft-launches at both the summer and fall markets, Therapedic has incorporated feedback and insights from key dealers into the full collection to ensure that it will make the most impact at retail. To support such an extensive introduction, the company developed a dynamic branding strategy that is integrated across each line—creating a cohesive story that can be easily communicated to the consumer.

“In the mattress business, we’re always looking for a hook or a handle—a platform to position a product upon,” Borreggine notes. “This is a utility-based industry, so that platform subsequently becomes very significant. It’s the stage for the product.”

With so many different mattress options available today, all promising supreme comfort or better sleep, the standard “utility-based” messaging can become easily diluted. Rather than focusing solely on the feel, price or convenience, Bravura has incorporated an eye-catching musical motif into all three sections—creating a unique opportunity for retailers to enhance the point-of-sale environment.

“I’ve had this concept on ice for a long time: the idea to do a line based on a music theme,” Borreggine says. “And, you may say ‘why music?’ Well, number one: music has been an inspiration to me for my entire life. But secondly, it gave us a lot of options to present this product in a fun, lively and even sexy way—and that is often missing in the mattress business. The musical theme gave us an opportunity to do fun things not only with the cosmetics of the product but also the point-of-purchase accoutrements that surround it.”

The company worked closely with textile producer Bekaert Deslee to engineer one-of-a-kind zip-covers that not only clearly communicate the theme, but evoke an upscale and elegant feel as well. For the “super hybrid” beds, Therapedic chose the G-Clef as the centerpiece of the ticking. The musical notation is subtly incorporated into a beautiful scroll motif across the top panel. This detailing then fades into a high-fashion, Chanel-like, diamond pattern along the sides of the mattress, which is then carried through to the foundation. To distinguish the specialty collection, Therapedic went with a high-dimension bone-white cover that mimics the look of a classic quilted pattern. The top cover then waterfalls into dark ebony side panels that feature a delicate silver pattern comprised of repeated eighth notes.

“Fabrics are the first things the consumer sees when they come into the store,” Borreggine says. “And, I don’t think this industry has been as attentive to that as we could have been or should be. We wanted this line to be fashion-forward and exciting—but salable, as well. We think we’ve succeeded in that.”

Therapedic has kept the musical theme consistent throughout all aspects of the collection’s branding. The in-store signage includes striking posters that position the mattresses alongside elegant musical instruments. With the choice of either a violin or a white baby grand piano against a black backdrop, the signs are a dramatic extension of the top-of-bed marketing accessories. The pillow shams and foot protectors spotlight the Bravura logo, which mimics both the signage and ticking by incorporating an eighth note and a whimsical keyboard pattern. Retailers can also take advantage of branded mini-demo units that allow customers to see and feel each mattress’ different comfort layers. As a whole, the point-of-sale materials work in concert to create an unmistakable look that is drawing attention.

“One of the country’s largest retailers came into our High Point showroom in October to look at a specific specialty product line,” says Borreggine. “And as she walked out, her eye caught the new Bravura and she said, ‘Wow! What is that?’ And I said, ‘That’s something totally different than what you were looking for.’ And she said, ‘This is what I want in my stores!’ That’s the kind of response that the line has been getting.”

Therapedic Bravura Fabric Details

Beyond simply creating a beautiful look that brightens up a bedding showroom, the musical platform is fully integrated into the collection—giving retailers a chance to engage with their customers on a more personal level at the point of sale. George Gershwin serves as the inspiration for the super hybrid collection, with each model named after some of his most famous tunes: “’S Wonderful,” “Fascinating Rhythm,” “Lullaby,” “Summertime,” and “Rhapsody in Blue.” For the specialty line, Borreggine turned to classic rock—naming each of the four models after seminal rock albums from The Rolling Stones, The Beach Boys, The Beatles and Boz Scaggs.

Overall, the musical inspiration helps to trigger an emotional reaction, which has been proven to be a particularly effective marketing method. Neurological studies have shown that consumers primarily utilize personal feelings and experiences when evaluating brands, more so than they consider specific attributes or features.

“The most startling truth is we don’t even think our way to logical solutions,” stated Douglas Van Praet, a marketing consultant and author of Unconscious Branding: How Neuroscience Can Empower (and Inspire) Marketing. “We feel our way to reason. Emotions are the substrate, the base layer of neural circuitry underpinning even rational deliberation. Emotions don’t hinder decisions. They constitute the foundation on which they’re made!”

“And, music evokes emotion,” says Borreggine. By tapping into such powerful feelings as passion and nostalgia, or even the simple joy of discovering a shared interest, Therapedic has developed a unique way to help consumers relate to and remember Bravura—laying the groundwork for greater brand affinity. With the emotional foundation established, retailers can then point to the collection’s wealth of real benefits and features to resonate with consumers’ more logical expectations.

“Bravura gives retailers something totally new in look, feel and branding. This is a fresh-looking product line that has a really appealing cosmetic image to it. But it also has three different firmness stories, three different pricing stories and three different comfort stories. Each collection will have its own unique twist to it that’s new to the marketplace.”

Gerry Borreggine, President of Therapedic International 

Designed to stand out from other velocity-priced mattress options, Bravura’s promotional line features an advanced support system that is unparalleled in this segment. Instead of a traditional foam encasement, Therapedic opted for a pocketed coil construction and a steel perimeter edge. While foam rails are often prone to product fatigue—which can create a sinking hammock effect in the middle of the mattress—a steel encasement enhances the integrity of the pocketed coil system and maintains a more consistent feel across the bed. Using dense, heavier-gauge coils around the perimeter of the bed gives each mattress a stronger, more durable edge—which in turn creates a truer, more comfortable sleep surface.

For the super-hybrid line-up, Therapedic took this edge-to-edge construction and enhanced it—using a super-premium pocketed coil unit to create a superior version of the traditional hybrid design. The four models in this section all feature a new iteration of Leggett and Platt’s Quantum coil unit, which has been designed exclusively for Therapedic. This advanced innerspring system is then topped with premium latex, high-density foam or memory foam as both the transition foam and top layer. With high quality comfort and support components, the super hybrid line not only offers a sumptuous feel—but also helps secure higher price points in the marketplace.

Bravura By Therapedic

When it came to the top-of-the-line specialty collection, Therapedic did not simply stop at offering supreme comfort and rejuvenating support. Each mattress within this section is made with top layers of premium memory foam or Talalay latex that have been infused with copper. Because copper is naturally anti-microbial, this lends the collection its valuable germ, allergen, and bed bug-resistant properties—helping to maintain an overall cleaner sleep environment. Copper also has long been associated with holistic healing, as many people turn to copper products to help alleviate joint pain and inflammation. In addition to improving circulatory function, studies have seen a connection between copper’s anti-inflammatory properties and anti-aging benefits. In aiding blood vessel formation, copper can help maintain the skin’s elasticity and enhance the complexion. By offering key physical, health and hygiene benefits, the Bravura Specialty line-up gives retailers even more meaningful selling points.

“The specialty line is associated with a really nice health story,” Borreggine concludes, “but we think that’s the secondary story. The primary story of this collection is that we have made very comfortable and supportive products that are durable as well, because of the type of materials used in their construction.”

By further enhancing the comfort, support and durability of Bravura with exclusive features and eye-catching branding, Therapedic has equipped retailers with a wide range of unique touch points from which they can connect with their customers. With the full line-up ready for first quarter placements, the company already has high expectations for the future of the collection. Borreggine believes that Bravura is comprehensive enough to serve as its own stand-alone brand—opening up even more opportunities for retailers looking for something exclusive to their territory or marketplace.

“Bravura is something that retailers are going to want to see. We got something here that is going to make a lot of noise. It’s going to resonate very well with consumers.”

Gerry Borreggine, President of Therapedic International 

Increasing Market Share in a Changing Market

Therapedic donation

Founded in 1957, Therapedic boasts a long and accomplished history in the mattress industry. But, in the last five years, the company has purposefully leveraged this experience and expertise to secure a unique position in today’s changing marketplace. With a clear understanding of the retail landscape and its own capabilities, Therapedic has carefully grown its brand both domestically and abroad without sacrificing quality control or exceptional service.

“Over the last five years, the brand has steadily been increasing its market share,” Borreggine explains. “When Therapedic set its growth plan, we didn’t set a goal of becoming one of the top tier companies, because that was an unreasonable expectation. Instead, we set out to become ‘the Number One Brand Alternative.’ And now, we’ve achieved that position by staying very deliberate, true and consistent in the advertising and promotion of our brand.”

By focusing on more niche specialty programs, Therapedic has carefully developed a thorough product portfolio that has elevated the credibility of brand throughout the industry. Armed with an extensive network of licensees, the company has the bandwidth to offer the benefits of working with a local manufacturer to retailers throughout the world. This combination of innovation and craftsmanship has made the company a clear and formidable alternative, not only to the major “Big S” brands—but to the growing number of low-cost, no-name brands as well. For retailers facing the “roadblock of consolidation,” Therapedic offers an alternative that may be the best of both worlds.

“We’re a nimble company. We’re locally owned and operated in every part of the country. We can offer all of the benefits of a small, local manufacturer: good products at good prices, timely delivery and service. But we also have the consumer recognition of a worldly international brand, which is important at the point-of-sale.”

Gerry Borreggine, President of Therapedic International 

Today, Therapedic works with an ever-growing group of licensees throughout the world. In the US, this network spans coast-to-coast with 12 factories in key areas. The company is growing at a consistent rate internationally as well, with 25 licensees on their current roster, and a host of other international prospects. The third and final leg of the company’s licensing group is its specialty top-of-bed business, which includes 10 additional factories.

This specialty business has been a valuable asset to the Therapedic brand. The company exclusively sells its top-of-bed products through its partnership with Bed, Bath and Beyond. In the past three years, the company has seen this business grow by more than 120% as the line has been extended into other departments of the chain store. While there are no plans to expand the distribution outside of BB&B, the strength of this partnership benefits the Therapedic portfolio as it further boosts the company’s brand recognition among a wider set of consumers.