The Silent Salesperson: How Wright Global Graphics Enhances Mattress Sales

Wright Global Graphics is more than just a graphics company. As a one-stop-shop for creative branding solutions, the company is the architect behind many of the eye-catching product details and point-of-sale materials currently found on mattress showroom floors. From mattress labels to top-of-bed marketing materials and retail displays, Wright Global Graphics helps its customers develop visually striking component pieces that actively engage with consumers at the point of sale. After more than 56 years in the industry, the company remains dedicated to helping mattress makers and sellers boost their sales by communicating the stories behind their products in more dynamic ways.

More than ever before, strong branding has become a necessary tool for retailers looking to succeed in today’s competitive marketplace. Consumers have a myriad of options at their fingertips, which has made retail presentation an increasingly influential aspect of the decision making process. Today’s consumers are looking for something fresh and new, something that breaks through all of the noise but still feels tailored to their specific needs. By stocking collections bolstered by compelling branding programs, retailers are able to deliver that.

Wright Global Graphics has been helping its customers stand out from the crowd since the very beginning. When the company (then known as Wright of Thomasville) was founded in 1961, woven labels were standard practice in the mattress market. Rather than hopping onto the bandwagon, company founders Bill and Tom Wright forged a different path. The brothers adopted a satin printing process instead, creating a striking yet easy-to-implement label option that was completely novel. It wasn’t long before the company’s printed product became the label of choice throughout the mattress industry. Fast-forward to today, Wright Global Graphics still makes those same printed labels—but has found ongoing success by maintaining that innovative spirit upon which it was founded.

“We’ve operated on the same set of objectives since 1961,” explains Don Wright, senior vice president of business development. “The products have evolved, the customer base has evolved, the methodology of how we get from Point A to Point B has evolved, but the mission has been unwavering. Our goal is to provide products and services of extraordinary value to our customers.”

Today, Wright Global Graphics offers a wide range of dynamic branding components that are both integrated into the product design (in the form of mattress labels and branded borders) or added at the retail level (including top-of-bed branding, headboard displays, signage and kiosks). The company utilizes a myriad of different methods and processes to make these enhancement products, from printing and weaving to laser cutting, foil stamping and more. No matter what form the final product takes, Wright Global Graphics works closely with each customer to develop the best possible solution for their needs.

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“It all starts with having a full understanding of our customer’s needs,” Wright says. “You sit down and talk about what their product goals are, what their price points are, what demographic they are hoping to attract at distribution. You’ve got the companies who want to appeal to the business suit crowd, then you have the product lines that appeal to young families and the ones that appeal to millennials. When they launch a line, we like to see what is that sweet spot they see themselves in. We try to help them define what that window looks like and then create imagery and an aesthetic that works with that.”

From there, the conversation turns to product attributes: the different component, color and fabric decisions the manufacturer has chosen for the line-up. By starting with the consumer demographic and then moving into product details, Wright Global Graphics can help develop a program that will not only enhance the look of the mattress—but more effectively engage with the target consumer.

A product aimed towards a high-end, luxury shopper is going to look very different than a young millennial buyer who “likes craft beer and wants to buy as local as they can,” Wright explains. “That’s just a totally different aesthetic, which means it’s going to be a totally different package.”

Wright Global Graphics is armed with a unique understanding of how to evoke different emotions through specific aesthetic choices. The company doesn’t simply follow the latest fashion trends, but helps to shape them as well. As members of the Color Marketing Group, Wright Global Graphics is part of the team that decides the newest “of the moment” colors—the hues that will be seen everywhere from cars to appliances to mattresses in just a few years.

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“It’s all about making sure that our customers’ new products are stylishly in-line with the trends,” explains Vicki Fishman, vice president of marketing. “We want to make sure that we’re not leading them down an aged path. We want it to be fresh and attention-getting in any retail environment.”

This process is about much more than just aesthetics, though. At each stage of development, Wright Global Graphics is taking into account the end-use of every component piece. How will it affect manufacturing operations? Does it need to be roll-packed and stuffed in a box? How is it going to be implemented in the retail space?

“We try to look at it from a very holistic viewpoint,” Wright says. “You don’t want to create any additional problems for the manufacturer or retailer. We try to create something that’s going to be the most cost-effective and production-efficient for the company.”

Over the years, the company has developed a number of advanced technologies that allow for greater efficiency, quality and customization. These innovations serve as the scaffolding behind each branding project, providing valuable solutions that create new opportunities for their customers.

“We’ve been doing this for 57 years,” Wright continues. “We know the past. And by knowing the past, you can learn from it and create a better future. We’re always looking to evolve the conversation, to create new opportunities. We’re always looking for a new, better, different way to enhance the product.”

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Introduced nearly ten years ago, Wright Global Graphics’ Showroom Solutions Express program has quickly become an invaluable resource for easy-to-order branding and point-of-sale collateral. Offering high-resolution printing, low-minimum orders, high-quality materials and durable hardware, the program makes it easier than ever for companies to order and upgrade their branding materials. This year, Wright Global Graphics will introduce newly revamped program offerings—including a new fabric process that allows them to print any texture, pattern or color upon a selection of raw textile goods.

“To compete with the online juggernaut, traditional retailers have to step up their game. The retail environment has to be warm, welcoming, clean and informative,” Wright explains. “This will give our customers the opportunity to provide their retail partners a really differentiated top-of-bed program that is going to feel a little higher-end without the real high-end price tag.”

The new program update was designed to solve some of the most common issues brands encounter when working with textiles. First, what do you do if your fabric of choice becomes, for whatever reason, suddenly unavailable? Additionally, it gives the company more control over color matching by keeping the process internal. As with the entire Showroom Solutions Express Program, this new printed fabric option will be available to customers at affordable price points and very low minimums.

“The upsell is that you get way more flexibility, way more color, pattern and texture options,” Fishman says. “It’s a win-win for everybody.”

When it comes to introducing new technology, versatility is the name of the game for Wright Global Graphics. At the summer Las Vegas Market, Wright Global Graphics introduced PerformaFlex: a new brand identification product aimed at delivering greater flexibility to the growing performance mattress market. Specially engineered for the mattress industry, PerformaFlex is made and cut from a stretch material that allows it to be applied to a wider range of substrates—including cotton, mesh, performance fabrics and blends. The company developed the proprietary process that allows the material to seamlessly blend into the ticking, giving the mattress a more modern, high-tech look. Additionally, it was designed to fully integrate into the manufacturing process, making it an eye-catching solution that is appropriate for large volume use.

Both PerformaFlex and the updated Showroom Solutions Express program join Wright Global Graphics’ comprehensive portfolio of solutions-oriented branding components. The company’s woven tab label is one of its most popular labeling options. Sewn directly into the tape edge, these sleek labels are perfect for companies looking to create a fresher look than the standard panel embroidery—taking its inspiration from classic fashion labels.

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No matter the product, program or customer, Wright Global Graphics holds itself to a high set of standards. “My father used to tell me that all the time, ‘Quality is consistency,’” Wright explains. “If you truly believe in your brand, you have to make a good product—and then you have to make it consistently. That goes right down to making sure the yarns fit, the knits are the same, the fabrics are the same. The winners commit to that.”

In order to maintain that level of consistency, Wright Global Graphics relies on the operational expertise it has honed over the course of the last half-century. The company is acutely familiar with every deadline and demand of the product roll-out process; it has longstanding relationships with its suppliers and customers. Because of this, Wright Global Graphics is able to provide more valuable service and greater efficiency at every step along the way—from concept all the way through installation.

This commitment to relationship-building is just one of the reasons why Wright Global Graphics has successfully maintained a consistent growth curve for 57 years. As the company continues to grow, it has made necessary updates to ensure that it can continue to provide the level of support for which it is known. This past summer, Wright Global Graphics expanded its manufacturing operations in China to include a new 32,000-square-foot facility. More than double the size of its previous facility, the new plant will help the company accommodate the increased demand for its products.

“I believe in American manufacturing,” Wright assures. “Our strategy is and will continue to be: have a strong domestic manufacturing base, and then have Asia for the programs that make sense to go over there.”

Furnished with the same equipment that is found in its domestic facilities, this new facility broadens the company’s global capabilities to include weaving, laser and hot knife finishing, offset and flexo printing, dye sublimation and embroidery. This operational duplication allows Wright Global Graphics to offer new opportunities both domestically and abroad. For manufacturers that are expanding into new global markets, this means that Wright can help them seamlessly produce identical products for their international licensees. “They’re not getting a close-facsimile,” Wright explains. “They’re getting the exact same product the US brand is using, no matter where they are. If anyone wants to make sure that their product is globally represented properly, we give them a vehicle to make that happen.”

It also gives Wright Global Graphics the chance to shift overflow orders from the US, as needed. This not only helps safeguard against any single points of failure, but also ensures that any last minute demands can be accommodated. Whether a company needs to make sure that a suite of ancillary pieces will be ready in time for market, or needs to speed up production because a retail slot opens up unexpectedly, the new Chinese factory helps Wright Global Graphics make sure that its customers never miss out on any opportunities that come their way.

Never satisfied with simply keeping up with the status quo, Wright Global Graphics is constantly looking for new ways to improve its offerings. The company continues to take an active role in shaping trends, whether developing new technologies or creating more efficient programs.

“You don’t survive, exist and thrive for 50 some-odd years without evolving, changing and growing,” Wright says. “It’s sort of been in our DNA to set ourselves up for what’s next, or even plan to obsolesce ourselves. The bottom line is, we like that evolution and we feel really good about where we’re conditioned for the future.”

Wright WinchesterOne way the company has been doing that is by working outside the world of bedding. While the mattress market has been and continues to be its primary focus, Wright also does design and packaging work for the gourmet food, distilled spirits and wine industries as well. With market demands that run counter-cyclical to the mattress industry, these categories help Wright Global Graphics maintain greater financial stability throughout the year—without affecting its ability to fulfill its mattress commitments. Even more so, this “industry cross-over” serves as a valuable source of inspiration that ultimately helps enrich their work overall.

“It gives us an opportunity to share with the mattress business how an entirely different market segment is branding themselves and marketing its products,” Wright explains. “We’re able to pull in new techniques, along with the feel and emotion of that category.”

Once considered to be the “silent salesperson,” in-store marketing is now more essential than ever—and creative, forward-thinking branding is the key to sales success. Armed with a long history of expertise, a commitment to consistency and an innovative spirit, Wright Global Graphics is an invaluable asset for anyone looking to stay competitive in today’s changing retail landscape.