Spring Air: The Spirit of Trust and Collaboration

Since first opening its doors in 1926, Spring Air has created a unique position for itself within the bedding market. As one of the top five most recognized bedding brands in the US, the company continues to emphasize its reputation for trust and integrity through quality features and strong retailer support. This year marks the 90th anniversary of the Spring Air brand and the company is celebrating with the launch of two exciting new mattress lines and big plans for the future.

Spring Air is dedicated to helping retailers stand out from their competition with unparalleled products that truly speak to the needs of their customers. The company is able to deliver from coast to coast, with eight domestic manufacturing facilities supporting a diverse roster of retail partners that ranges from independent brick-and-mortar stores to nationwide e-retailers.


Spring Air President Rick Robinson

“The consolidation of retailers and roll-ups of manufacturers have caused a major shift in how business is practiced today,” Spring Air president Rick Robinson explains. “It means that the cost-of-entry into certain segments has shot up, prohibiting many smaller companies from even playing that game. What we’ve done is work closer together in order to leverage our knowledge and expertise.”

Rather than simply jump on the latest bandwagon, the company takes the time to “do it right,” Robinson says, choosing to ask its partners what they need. The company prides itself on not following every trend, a decision that Robinson says helps them better support the independent retailers that are looking to stand out in the increasingly homogenized market. Over the last few years, the company has focused on differentiation—trimming its product portfolio and thoughtfully rolling out key collection updates and introductions. Spring Air equips regional retailers with powerful selling stories across four major market segments—innerspring, specialty, all-foam and luxury—each of which boasts proprietary or patented technologies that set them apart on retail floors.

“There are no ‘silver bullets’ in bedding,” Robinson explains. “You have to focus instead on hard work, on servicing your retailers and their needs.”

This idea of hard work and pragmatic solutions has become the main philosophy of the Spring Air strategy, as the company has worked to incorporate its licensees more directly into the development process. By working with their partners from the beginning, Spring Air is able to better identify and solve regional needs and determine the best ways to implement and market new ideas.

“Three years ago, we decided to stop running this company the old-fashioned way,” Robinson explains. “We’ve done away with the ‘top-down’ mentality. Today, it’s the spirit of licensee collaboration that is making Spring Air successful.”

This new approach has led to two of Spring Air’s biggest collection launches yet: the reintroduction of the Chattam & Wells brand and the debut of its 90th Anniversary Collection.

Launched at the winter Las Vegas Market, the 90th Anniversary Collection has had a strong performance right out of the gate—with every Spring Air factory signing on to participate and placements already being made at retail. As Robinson explains, the concepts behind this new collection came directly out of a Spring Air licensee meeting. By brainstorming with its partners, the company was able to develop a logical theme that each factory could tailor to its own individual needs. Beyond simply commemorating this major company milestone, this eye-catching line was designed to quantify the brand’s long history with a compelling selling story that has been proven to resonate with consumers.

The striking three-bed collection offers both advanced technology and elegant styling at aggressive price points that range from $799 to $999. All models across the collection are made with an impressively high coil count, combining a zoned, encased-coil base construction with an additional micro-encased coil layer to deliver superior support. The high-contrast black, silver and white cover treatment lends a high-end feel that is sure to stand out on the retail floor. With a choice of firm, plush or Eurotop comfort and the option of latex or memory foam upholstery layers, the 90th Anniversary Collection allows the factories to fine-tune the comfort preferences according to their local markets. The line is supported by a promotional package that includes customizable print advertising, signage, digital media and TV elements, which allow retailers to personalize the in-store marketing according to their needs.


Spring Air's New Chattam & Wells Collection

Spring Air took a similar approach when developing the new Chattam & Wells Collection. The company had been planning to relaunch the high-end brand for many years–in part because of retailer and consumer requests from the West Coast, where the original brand iteration first made a major impact in the late 90s. Rather than rushing the process, the company took its time rounding out the rest of its portfolio and doing extensive research on the “new luxury customer.” Gathering inspiration from global fashion leaders and lifestyle brands, Spring Air and its California licensee spearheaded the development of a high-end look that speaks to affluent female consumers: rich upholstery fabrics in a color palette that brings together muted taupe, gray, silver and ivory. At the foot of each bed is a label made from brushed steel that incorporates a crown design that was part of the brand’s original logo. The overall impression is that of fine contemporary furniture.

Touted as “the best of the best,” the new Chattam & Wells Collection features every luxury amenity—including quality materials, a stylish look and personalized touches— at a price point that starts at $2,000. The five-model line-up features multiple coil designs and incorporates a variety of natural materials, including latex, thick Joma wool and cotton fabrics. The quilted top panel features elegant button tufting, while the foundations are made from heavy-duty, 18-slat wood designs for added support and durability. Every aspect of the construction is held to an uncompromising standard, ensuring unsurpassed quality and craftsmanship both inside and out.

Spring Air is further enhancing Chattam & Wells’ position as a luxury product by adding stylish detailing to its delivery program. Every mattress is delivered in a gray muslin bag and comes with a personalized “Welcome Kit” that is imprinted with the brand’s crown design. The kit contains a personal note signed by the mattress’ craftsperson, a lavender sachet and suggestions on how to convert the bedroom into a true sleep haven.

“These details play to the way unique, upper-end products are being sold in other industries,” Robinson says. “We’re even working on expanding the program to include more features that focus on how to enhance the in-home experience with Chattam & Wells.”

The company has been very excited by the response to Chattam & Wells, as orders and placements are already starting to roll in. “It’s exceeded our expectations since the re-launch in January,” Robinson explains. “There has been major interest across the country—with growing awareness on the East Coast. We’ve had a number of West Coast retailers who are coming back ten to fifteen years after the initial introduction saying, ‘There’s still room in the marketplace and on our floors for this brand.’”


The Chattam & Wells Throne Bed

Spring Air did not stop there, though. The company has worked closely with the Massindo Group, its Southeast Asia licensee, to develop a product that would have “no equal” in the worldwide luxury market. The result was the Chattam & Wells Throne bed, a unique, handcrafted mattress set that evokes the ultra-luxurious lives of European kings and queens. This sumptuous offering features a custom-designed cover that combines a water-and-stain repellent knitted fabric, high quality satin with genuine leather and suede. Paired with an elaborate, baroque style mahogany headboard, leather-covered step stool and a 24-carat gold-coated emblem made from Swarovski crystals, the complete Throne ensemble will retail at $29,900—making it the largest global product in company history.

“While Spring Air began as an American company,” Robinson explains, “a great source of our growth and expansion of brand awareness comes from our international group.”

Spring Air products are sold and manufactured in more than 35 countries around the world, with eight new licensees representing 14 countries joining in the past five years. The company regularly convenes with its international licensees at Semi-Annual Conferences led by Robinson and Eric Spitzer, COO. These meetings have helped expand global awareness and promote tremendous sales growth.

“From Dubai to the Taj Mahal in India, our international licensees travel and spend several days sharing best practices, some of which have found their way into our domestic programs as well,” Robinson continues. “We have developed a strong sense of family over the past five years.”

It’s that sense of familiarity that has helped Spring Air grow over the years, even as the marketplace continues to evolve. Today, Spring Air works with almost all of the major online retailers, with the majority of its e-commerce sales coming from luxury, specialty products that retail at a much higher price point than many other manufacturers selling online. This is a function of Spring Air’s brand philosophy: consumers are willing to spend more on a name that they know and trust.

“The message is right and it’s being projected out there for all to see,” Robinson explains. “We’re exceptionally proud of how consumers view us.”

This unique positioning has only been underscored by the growing trend towards online consumer reviews—where Spring Air is consistently top rated. As consumers invest more and more time in researching before they buy, Spring Air can provide retailers with a level of assurance that many other brands cannot.

“Trusted by millions since 1926” is not simply a company tagline—it’s an ongoing promise to both consumers and retailers that Spring Air will always be synonymous with quality. And it’s this commitment that continues to drive the brand towards greater growth. At 90 years, this is still only the beginning for Spring Air.

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