Snap Finance Drives Sales With Flexible Consumer Financing

Brought to you by Snap Finance.
According to Experian, 35% of Americans cannot access traditional financing options, thereby limiting their ability to afford household commodities or cover unexpected expenses.1 Lease-to-own financing bridges the gap between customers building or rebuilding their credit and the things they need and want, giving retailers the opportunity to grow their customer base.

When a store has limited financing options, customers with credit is­sues will either settle for the least expensive item or leave empty handed after being rejected. Conversely, retailers that of­fer a lease-to-own option see a significant boost in their average order value from consumers who now have higher spend­ing power. Satisfied customers will return whenever they need, resulting in increased repeat business and incremental revenue for businesses offering lease-to-own.

Flexible consumer financing not only al­lows the customer to get what they want quickly; it also minimizes repayment risk from the retailer by funding each transac­tion as soon as two days after the customer receives their purchase. And with no com­plicated software integrations, businesses can start growing their customer base and revenue from day one of their partnership with their financing provider.

This model of financing is becoming popu­lar among retailers and stores who recognize this need and the many advantages it brings.


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1 Experian 2020 Consumer Credit Review., Experian