Luxury With Integrity: The Diamond Royale Collection by Kingsdown

For over 110 years, Kingsdown Inc. has been a quiet leader with an honest and meaningful approach to premium manufacturing in the bedding industry. Founded in 1904, the employee-owned company boasts a strong reputation for its meticulous testing standards and quality control—offering exceptional service, true transparency and genuine assuredness throughout its extensive portfolio of beds. Backed by science, data-driven technology and made with traditional, handcrafted techniques, Kingsdown’s mattresses are designed to provide real benefits to both retailers and consumers.

The bedding market has been going through a period of flux recently. Rapid consolidation among all facets of the industry has driven price points down, forcing many retailers to move away from higher priced mattresses and towards more value-priced options—shifting their focus to simply moving units in order to make a profit. As the lower-priced market continues to grow, many retailers are looking for new ways to not only drive business but also differentiate themselves among the masses.

Adding a luxury collection is one way retailers are setting their stores apart. Market research shows that since 2011 a major portion of new mattress demands come from premium bedding customers who deferred big ticket purchases during the downturn of the economy from 2008–2011.

“Over the past four or five years, retailers began coming to us with requests for a collection that could compete with the other big luxury brands,” explains Kevin Damewood, Kingsdown Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “And we’ve been very good listeners.”

Premium mattresses have always been a major part of Kingsdown’s business, but these conversations illuminated what was missing from its portfolio: a “crown jewel” collection that could retail at the upper echelons of the market. So the company set out to develop a high-end product that would truly resonate with consumers. Not satisfied with simply jumping on a bandwagon, Kingsdown took exhaustive measures to “do it right.” The company sought out the very best in local, sustainable materials and components because, as Kingsdown Director of Marketing Jacqueline Morton explains, “Luxury without integrity isn’t luxury at all.”


The Diamond Royale Collection is made with locally-sourced, all-natural cotton.

After years of hands-on collaboration between its retail partners, material suppliers, engineers and craftspeople, Kingsdown finally unveiled its masterful Diamond Royale Collection—the ultimate in high-end, American craftsmanship. This sumptuous collection includes three mattresses, the Sophisticate, Extravagance and Royal Opulence. Competitively priced, beds within the Diamond Royale Collection range in retail price from $10,000 to $20,000. Armed with real benefits and an honest selling story, this handcrafted line-up is designed to help retailers connect with luxury consumers—an influential demographic that makes up nearly 15% of all mattress customers.

When looking for the right suppliers for this new collection, Kingsdown didn’t need to look any further than its own backyard. In the heart of North Carolina, the company discovered a group of family farmers who shared its commitment to ethical and sustainable practices. Raising their sheep in humane conditions and feeding them a diet of natural grains without any steroids or antibiotics, these farmers produce high-quality wool using the same care and consideration that Kingsdown prioritizes in all of its collections. With these high standards in mind, the company again sought out another American supplier for the collection’s cotton components—finding the perfect match in organic farmers throughout the southwest region of the United States.

“The path wasn’t easy, but it was purposeful,” says Morton. “Every part of this process was a conscious, carefully-considered decision.”

Every Diamond Royale mattress is hand-crafted in Kingsdown’s Mebane, North Carolina facility—taking a crew of master craftspeople three days to complete one bed. The collection’s unique construction was designed to maintain the bed’s shape, comfort level and degree of support over time, providing customers with true assurance that they are truly getting what they paid for.


Hand-tied, high-quality steel coils are individually wrapped in unbleached cotton muslin.

For a company like Kingsdown, quality control begins at the very first stages of manufacturing. Before the wool and cotton even arrive to the facility for processing, they are first hand-washed and cleansed without any chemicals to safely remove any impurities. Inherently resilient, the all-natural wool creates a soft and durable sleep surface—while its unique structure provides advanced temperature regulating and allergen repelling properties. The unbleached cotton fibers serve as high-performance cushioning for enhanced pressure relief and superior comfort. Once at the facility, these materials are carefully compressed and combined with a hand-tied innerspring system without the use of any artificial foams or glues. Designed to provide significant support between the comfort layers, this system is made from hand-tied, high-quality steel coils. Individually wrapped in unbleached cotton muslin, each coil works both on its own and in concert to enhance the personalized pressure-relieving support and minimize motion transfer. The final touch is the intricate hand-tufting process. With a series of tufts across the sleep surface, this detail not only lends the mattress a high-end look, it also securely fastens all of the fabric and comfort layers in place to prevent shifting or bunching.

Like all of Kingsdown’s products, every Diamond Royale mattress design goes through three stages of quality control using third-party laboratories and in-house testing procedures. Using advanced Rollator equipment, Kingsdown additionally assesses the durability of each mattress construction—proving that this collection can withstand many years of wear-and-tear with negligible loss in performance. Finally, every Diamond Royale mattress is certified using Kingsdown’s patented comfort and postural support testing technology in order to guarantee that it meets the company’s stringent standards.


"It’s about selling something that offers true quality, value and purpose.”

“Every stitch, every detail is carefully considered,” Damewood continues, “so the end result is more than a mattress—it’s a masterpiece.”

This careful consideration extends to every aspect of the Diamond Royale collection, from manufacturing to RSA training to delivery. In the year since it was first introduced, the company has fine-tuned all of the sales materials to ensure true expertise at every step of the process. Kingsdown has even worked with one retailer to create a luxurious, velvet-lined wooden crate for the delivery of each mattress—elevating the sales experience even further. This meticulous attention to detail further enhances the brand’s ongoing commitment to creating truly one-of-a-kind products.

“The Diamond Royale is the culmination of everything Kingsdown does,” Damewood explains. “It’s not just about selling units. It’s about selling something that offers true quality, value and purpose.”